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Q&A With Our Alumni Director

Q: What started your passion for helping people through their recovery journey?

What started my journey in helping others became my purpose and I had to share how I did it. Helping individuals through similar or like situations to my own continue to provide me with purpose.

Q: From your experience, what seems to be the biggest challenges for patients once they leave their in-patient recovery program?

That answer would definitely be establishing new healthy routines, staying on medications and/or adhering to a recovery lifestyle. I always refer back to a statistic that shows the stark contrast in success between clients who follow the recovery lifestyle for that first year versus those who don’t make it to a year. That first year is so critical to long-term success. Going back to your old habits is easy, especially right after treatment. That’s why you need to build a strong team of support around you. Lean on friends, family and your support team here at Destination Hope. And stay away from those who don’t lift you up and help your recovery.

Q: What has been the most rewarding aspect of your work as the Alumni Coordinator at Destination Hope?

As a counselor I was consistently exposed to clients at the worst times of their lives. Together, we would have to fight their demons day in and day out. While it was a very rewarding experience, I often couldn’t appreciate who they became after getting clean and moving forward in their lives. As the alumni coordination I now see the fruits of their hard work and determination in not giving up. It’s very gratifying …and quite frankly a very emotional experience too.

Q: What has been the most difficult aspect of your work?

Simply put, death.

Q: Why Destination Hope?

Destination provides all around security. In treatment emotional security is just as important as physical security and our treatment center provides both. Addiction is a lifelong struggle and coming to treatment is a very important first step. Once you come to Destination Hope, we’re family!

Q: What words of support do you have for those that are struggling with addiction?

Let us help you. We know you’re in pain, we know you’re suffering. And you don’t have to be any longer. It’s not an admission of failure to seek help…in fact it is one of the most commendable things you can do. It may not feel like it now but there is a way out of addiction.


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