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10 Ways You Can Recover Your Spirit After Heroin Addiction

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Heroin addiction requires not only physical but emotional recovery. It is a multi-layered process. A person must not only recover physically, but also he or she must cover emotionally. Healing the spirit is the last part of the process of recovery. The following are 10 tips on how one can recover emotionally.

Emotional Recovery After Heroin Addiction

Forgive the Self

The first step in recovering one’s spirit is forgiving their self for the heroin addiction. Addiction is something that can happen to anyone. Therefore, self-forgiveness is important in the healing process.

Praise the Self

Being able to stop using heroin is a magnificent accomplishment. Anyone who is participating in any part of the recovery process should take a moment every day to praise him or herself.

Help Others

Sharing stories and giving advice to others is a wonderful way to restore one’s spirit. A person who has battled and conquered heroin addiction can help another person to keep fighting and recover.

Get Close to Higher Power

Getting closer to one’s higher power during and after recovery from drug addiction is the perfect way to recover the spirit. Church visits, prayer sessions, and genuine belief in the higher power’s love and abilities can speed up a person’s recovery.


Exercising helps to build pride and spirit. Additionally, it helps to increase positive chemical action in the brain. A person who is recovering from heroin addiction should exercise at least three times a week.


The act of reading not only enriches and increases knowledge, but also it helps to strengthen the brain, which boosts the spirit. Reading for at least fifteen minutes per day can help a person with spiritual well-being.

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Meditation helps a person to become closer to the spirits. Taking a few minutes every day to find a happy place is a great way to recover from heroin addiction.


Writing is very healthy for spiritual recovery. Writing in a journal, blog, or book can help to bring feelings outward so that one can view them. It helps to release negative emotions so that positive emotions can enter.


Enjoying laughter is imperative after heroin addiction. Laughter increases happy brain chemicals. Happiness mends the spirit.

Keep Contact With Friends and Family

Finally, fostering relationships with friends and family helps a person to feel whole and loved. A person should find time to make contact with his or her closest relatives as much as possible.

Incorporating these 10 activities will increase the quality of life after drug addiction. The recovering person will be much happier and more productive.

If you or someone you love is suffering from heroin addiction, it can be difficult to envision a life of sobriety.  Substance abuse and addiction treatment is effective and can help you or someone you love learn how to cope with addiction and learn methods for preventing alcohol and drug use in the future.

If you or someone you love can benefit from substance abuse counseling, treatment or relapse prevention support, please call us today. Destination Hope is a full-service drug, alcohol and dual diagnosis treatment facility in Florida for men and women suffering from substance abuse issues.

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