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A Note From Case Management

Case management is essential to achieving positive outcomes for patients who walk through our doors. We believe that the turmoil created through active addiction and periods of mental health stability must be addressed while our patients are in treatment so that the amount of stress encountered after treatment is reduced to a manageable level.

Patients come into treatment with a variety of issues that must be addressed to enable a clear mind capable of truly receiving the therapeutic treatment services that we have to offer. We place special emphasis on managing these “outside issues” so that our patients can focus on their therapy and receiving the treatment that they need. In addition to the outside issues, we place a detail-oriented focus on creating individualized and realistic discharge plans for clients. We believe that making sure support systems are in place for each client is absolutely essential.

We pride ourselves in building rapport with our patients early on in the treatment process so that our input is trusted by them and we are able to develop a plan that not only will work, but will be one that the patient is fully on-board with.

Our facility’s ability to utilize a multi-disciplinary approach with our patients allows for all our departments to collaborate in a way that results in the most individualized care. When working on case management, we make sure to include the input of our medical professionals, outreach department, clinical therapists, and all staff members in supervisory roles to enable the highest likelihood of positive change and positive treatment outcomes for our clients.


  • Nathan Flynn/Mindy Sherman – Pathways2Work – 561-866-7551
  • Jennifer Broderick/Barbra Comstock – Broderick Law Firm – 561-483-3360 (This firm helps clients with SSI/SSDI applications and completes the entire process. Collects their small fee after benefits are approved and distributed).

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