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Is Sex Addiction Real?

October 24, 2014

Sex addiction is real. Some people say that sex addiction is not real, that it is only an excuse for bad behavior. However, the truth is there is a big difference between someone who has many sexual partners and someone who feels they are unable to control their compulsions to have sex. Sex Addiction is a Reality There are many people facing the struggles of having a sex addiction and the problem is very real. An addiction to sex means a client cannot fight the urges to have sex, just as one would find it difficult to stop gambling in…

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Sex Addiction and Smartphones

September 17, 2014

Sex addiction and technology create problematic circumstances. Today’s smartphones with Internet access make it much easier for clients of sex addiction to get their addiction “fix”. Let’s take a look at the connection between sex addiction, smartphones and impulse control. Sex Addiction, Smartphones & Impulse Control Technology proves to offer plenty of trouble for clients of various addictions connected to impulse control such as gambling addiction, porn addiction and also sex addiction. Smartphones, in particular, offer clients of the addiction a simple way to access the Internet in order to connect with people quickly and anonymously. It is also a…

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Internet Porn is the Crack Cocaine of Sex Addiction

August 18, 2014

Sex addiction and its relationship with Internet porn may be closely compared to substance addiction and crack cocaine, according to prominent sex addiction expert, Dr. Patrick Carnes. Learn more about what sex addiction is and the effect Internet porn can have on clients of the disorder. Is Sex Addiction Real? What is Sex Addiction? Sex addiction is very similar to other forms of addiction, including the addiction to substances. Though clients of sex addiction do not consume substances, there is still an addiction to associated chemical imbalances of the brain. The sexual thoughts, behaviors and actions change the mood of…

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