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Is Prescription Drug Abuse Ever Going to End?

Prescription drug abuse has become quite an unfortunate epidemic in past years and continues to grow. The reason it has been able to reach such a level is due to the fact that there are so many people with proper prescriptions who actually have a need for the use of medications such as painkillers for their chronic conditions. Sometimes it may seem like the epidemic is going to rise continually without ever reaching an end.

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Drug Abuse for Athletes

Prescription drug abuse is common among professional athletes. The history of athletes using substances for artificially increasing performance dates back to ancient Greece, where athletes would use substances to enhance performance.  Unfortunately, performance-enhancing substances often have addictive qualities and eventual health consequences.

National Hockey League player Derek Boogaard joined a long list of professional athletes suffering from addiction. Boogaard was only 28 years old when a deadly combination of alcohol and prescription sleep aids claimed his life.

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Prescription Drug Abuse Increase Linked to Pain Clinics

Prescription drug abuse is simply the act of taking prescription medications for a non-medical purpose. This can include taking prescriptions that are not prescribed for you, or taking them in dosages or for reasons they’re not intended for.

Prescription drug abuse is becoming an epidemic in the United States. They are the second most commonly abused category of drugs, with marijuana being the only one abused more frequently. The National Institute of Health estimates that almost 20 percent of Americans have used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons at some point in their lives. The rates of prescription drug abuse are usually pretty similar between men and women, except in the age group of 12-17 where women are using at a higher rate than men.

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