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From Broken to Whole Again

Written by DH Women's Program, alumni family member, Beth O. March 2017 When I grew up, my mother was our caretaker and did everything for us. She put us through dance and gymnastics classes, voice lessons, drove us to soccer games and saved every last dollar from her two jobs to give us everything we needed and wanted. She was strong, smart and our rock when my father left us during the times we needed him most. I was in middle school and my sister was in elementary school. These were the years we needed our father, but he suffered…

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The Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Your Intelligence Capabilities

The effects of alcohol abuse generally fall into two broad categories: long-term and short-term. The short-term effects usually result from drinking for a few hours and include difficulty with balance and walking, slurred speech, slowed reaction times, and impaired memory. Drunk driving is a common consequence of alcohol’s short-term effects, where poor judgment and slowed reaction times may lead to accidents, often fatal. Long-term effects can be even more severe and difficult to reverse. Dangerous Effects of Alcohol Abuse Alcohol is a depressant. It disrupts the stimulation of inhibitory nerves in many areas of the brain. This includes the hippocampus,…

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Repairing the Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Your Relationships

The effects of alcohol abuse aren’t limited to the individual who has an alcohol problem.  Like all addictions and behavioral health disorders, the impact is felt by coworkers, friends and loved ones.  Relationships can be strained, and in some cases, even broken, over alcohol abuse.  As difficult as it may be for the woman suffering from alcohol abuse problems or alcoholism, it is also difficult for those that love her to watch her suffer.  Many women who seek treatment for alcohol abuse and alcoholism regain control of their life and go on to live happy, productive lives in recovery.  Upon leaving treatment, many women want to focus on repairing the effects of alcohol abuse on their family and friends, rebuilding those relationships and restoring their trust.

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Effect of Alcohol Abuse on the Kidneys

Alcohol abuse can cause damage to many parts of the body.  Beyond the heart, lungs and stomach, alcohol abuse can affect smaller organs such as the kidneys. The kidneys are organs that act as the body’s waste management system. They filter the blood in order to keep it clean by excreting water and waste products in the form of urine. The kidneys control the composition and amount of electrolytes in the body. For example, they can assist in clearing waste material from cells, aid in the absorption of nutrients that help in forming cells and provide the right environment for…

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