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Alcoholism Facts: When is One Drink Too Many?

Alcoholism facts are important to know in the fight against alcohol abuse and addiction. Do you know the alcoholism facts about social drinking and alcohol abuse? What is the difference between the two? Knowing the difference between the two is critical for determining whether your drinking habits are appropriate or you’ve crossed the line into abuse or addiction. What is the Difference between Social Drinking & Alcohol Abuse? Many clients in denial or who are unaware of their alcohol abuse problems explain away their drinking habits to simply be social drinking. What exactly is social drinking and what is alcohol…

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Alcoholism Facts: Do Marketing Campaigns Glamorize Alcohol Abuse?

Alcoholism facts can begin to get a bit blurry when you pay attention to what goes on in marketing campaigns across media – television, billboards, magazines and others. Many marketing campaigns tend to glamorize alcohol abuse and it begins to create myths and disinformation across society. Find out what the real alcoholism facts are as opposed to what we see in advertising as well as how women are specifically targeted by media sources with such campaigns. Alcoholism Facts Vs. Alcoholism Myths in Advertising Alcoholism facts greatly differ from the worlds portrayed in alcohol advertising. Everything is always full on chic,…

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Alcoholism Facts You Won’t Believe

Alcoholism facts go much farther than the most common or obvious dangers and consequences of alcohol abuse and addiction. These unbelievable facts are all sadly true as well as many more that are widely available for you to become aware of. Arm yourself with the real facts in order to get a true sense of just how very important recovery from alcohol really is. Alcoholism Facts Give a Clearer Picture Learning the real facts of alcoholism can help you more clearly understand just how important it is to get help for alcohol abuse and addiction. Learn the facts, because this…

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Alcoholism Facts to Help You Stay Sober on New Year’s Eve

Knowing alcoholism facts can help you to stay sober for New Year‘s Eve. New Year‘s Eve is a particularly difficult time for sobriety due to triggers, temptations, stress and other such factors. These alcoholism facts can help motivate you to stay sober for the holiday and beyond.

Alcoholism Facts for Sobriety

Alcoholism facts are great in number and many of them are very surprising. Knowing about these risks and dangers helps in the process of staying sober. Education and awareness are paramount to the journey toward recovery from addiction.

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Alcoholism Facts That Might Keep You Sober

Alcoholism facts can be quite startling and downright frightening. These scary yet honest alcoholism facts just may keep you sober through the holiday season and beyond. Alcoholism Facts On their own, the alcoholism facts listed below are enough to make great cases against alcoholism. Collectively, these alcoholism facts, along with others, show that alcoholism is dangerous for the body and mind. 1)   Sufferers of alcoholism have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular conditions, including heart attack and stroke. 2)   According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 35% of victims of violence report that their attackers were under the…

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