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Alcoholism Facts: Do Marketing Campaigns Glamorize Alcohol Abuse?

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Alcoholism facts can begin to get a bit blurry when you pay attention to what goes on in marketing campaigns across media – television, billboards, magazines and others. Many marketing campaigns tend to glamorize alcohol abuse and it begins to create myths and disinformation across society. Find out what the real alcoholism facts are as opposed to what we see in advertising as well as how women are specifically targeted by media sources with such campaigns.

Alcoholism Facts Vs. Alcoholism Myths in Advertising

Alcoholism facts greatly differ from the worlds portrayed in alcohol advertising. Everything is always full on chic, sophisticated, rich, beautiful and glamorous. Everyone is so cool and stylish. The problem is that society is bombarded with these images on a regular basis and not the other side of the coin. The other side of the coin is the danger of alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

How Women are Targeted by Media in Alcohol Advertising Campaigns

Alcoholism facts often do not have much in common with the realities portrayed in the advertising campaigns of alcohol companies and other firms promoting alcohol. There are some common methods that women use to specifically target female customers via such ad campaigns including the methods below which do not fall in line with alcoholism facts.

  • Using the most attractive models and actors for advertising alcohol. Ads for alcohol show exquisite women who get all of the attention.
  • Portraying females consuming alcohol as sexy, confident, desirable and chic. This is the media telling women that alcohol makes them cool and stylish. This is dangerous as it can lead women to believe that they need alcohol to be someone else which has a strong connection to the mindset of clients with alcohol in alcoholism facts.
  • Many alcohol brands have special liquors, etc. marketed especially for women with feminine packaging, feminine colors and sweet tastes.
  • The women portrayed in alcohol advertising are usually successful and enjoy spending their time in places for people with lots of money. This suggests that alcohol will make you successful or that successful people love alcohol because it makes them sophisticated and desirable in such environments.
  • Alcohol advertisements are always showing the glamorous and fun side – parties and other social events – and not the dark side associated with alcohol such as violence and deaths. Not everyone in society is aware of the differences and both sides of the story with regards to alcoholism facts.
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