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Alcohol Abuse: How Do I Know If I’ve Crossed the Line?

February 17, 2021

Alcohol abuse is not always clearly understood by many clients. Many assume only the most extreme habits of alcohol consumption are to be considered alcohol abuse. As such, heavy drinking and other unhealthy drinking habits like binge drinking are often cloaked as “social drinking”. Find out what alcohol abuse is and learn about how we, at Destination Hope, treat it.

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How Can You Tell if Your Casual Drinking is Becoming a Problem?

August 2, 2017

It is Friday evening and you are on your way to meet friends for a few after-work drinks. The original plan was to stop by a bar and have one or two casual beers as you promised your mother you would have brunch with her the following day. However, when you arrive, everyone’s spirits are up and you decide to have a few more…. And then a few more… The following morning, you wake up to several missed calls and voice messages from your mother. You aren’t sure exactly what happened the night before, but as you gather your senses,…

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From Broken to Whole Again

April 12, 2017

Written by DH Women's Program, alumni family member, Beth O. March 2017 When I grew up, my mother was our caretaker and did everything for us. She put us through dance and gymnastics classes, voice lessons, drove us to soccer games and saved every last dollar from her two jobs to give us everything we needed and wanted. She was strong, smart and our rock when my father left us during the times we needed him most. I was in middle school and my sister was in elementary school. These were the years we needed our father, but he suffered…

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Top 5 Signs of Alcohol Abuse

April 7, 2017

It was 3 a.m. and I heard my front door slam shut. My sister came home from a long night of partying and I knew something didn't feel right. Everyone in my shoes has experienced that feeling. It's the feeling in your gut when your intuition is telling you something isn't right. I knew my sister Jessica was having her fun with her college friends because after all, that's what twenty-somethings do, right? But when she started sleeping in longer than usual, missing classes, and drinking every night, that was when my parents and I had to intervene. I noticed…

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10 Tips for Avoiding Alcohol Abuse on the 4th of July

July 3, 2014

Avoiding alcohol abuse becomes ever more challenging during holidays and other dates of greater significance around the year. Use these tips to have an enjoyable 4th of July and holiday weekend while remaining stable and secure in your sobriety. Alcohol Abuse Avoidance Tip 1: Get Connected with Your Strongest Supporters. Surround yourself with the strongest and closest members of your support system. They can help you enjoy the holiday as well as be there for you if you are experiencing an especially challenging time. Alcohol Abuse Avoidance Tip 2: Make it a Weekend of Celebrating Your Personal Independence. Celebrate your…

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Alcohol Abuse Starts as a Child

April 4, 2014

Alcohol abuse can begin in childhood, believe it or not. It’s not typically the actual drinking that begins at that point in time; however, children witness the alcoholism and alcohol abuse in their families which can influence them later on in their lives. Evidence-based alcohol rehabilitation and treatment can help you uncover your at-risk behavior patterns and help you find ways to overcome them.  Just because your parents are alcoholics doesn’t mean you have to be. Alcohol Abuse in the Home (Childhood) The drinking habits and associated behaviors, events and consequences of parents and other family members in the home…

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Alcohol Abuse – What to Do When Your Loved One is in Denial

March 4, 2014

Alcohol abuse is often something that is largely denied among clients prior to seeking treatment for their struggles with the substance. Because this is so common, it would not be surprising if your loved one also happens to be in denial. So how can you address this denial and help your loved one realize what is happening so they can make the first step towards treatment? These ways to deal with denial can help shine light on what to do. Denial and Alcohol Abuse Individuals suffering from alcohol abuse or other substance abuse are usually blocked by a great deal…

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Alcohol Abuse and Violence: What’s the Connection?

February 6, 2014

Alcohol abuse and violence have a long and troubling history together. The risk factors for violent behavior and the scary statistics on alcoholism and domestic abuse are good enough support alone to show just how dangerous alcohol abuse really is, let alone the physical effects to your body. Alcohol abuse does not cause violence, but it can certainly be a factor. If you are struggling with alcohol abuse and addiction, it is important to seek treatment in order to bring back health, stability and control to your life. Alcohol Abuse and Violence Statistics According to the National Council on Alcoholism…

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The Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Memory and Concentration

January 31, 2014

Alcohol abuse is often associated with memory loss in terms of blackouts due to periods of binge drinking. However, did you know that there are both short and long term effects on memory and concentration associated with alcohol abuse? This can affect people of all age groups, whether they’re university students or retired. Alcohol Abuse and Your Memory A 1971 study discovered that alcohol abuse can give you trouble remembering what a person said and even make it difficult to form memories for words on a list. This is pertinent to students who may need to memorize words or facts…

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How Alcohol Abuse Affects Sexual Performance

Alcohol abuse is the leading substance when it comes to decreased sexual performance. Men and women who abuse alcohol may find themselves experiencing sexual dysfunction and trouble with their reproductive health. Treatment can help, but the longer the alcohol abuse has been going on, the longer it will take to repair the damage that has been done to your sexual health. Seeking treatment is a great option for working to overcome decreased sexual performance due to alcohol abuse. Alcohol Abuse and Sexual Performance Alcohol, more than other substances, has a severe effect on sexual arousal. In men, this is usually…

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