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Residential Treatment Centers

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Residential Treatment for Addiction & Mental Health

Residential treatment centers for substance abuse and mental health issues offer a chance for patients to fully immerse in their treatment and receive the most in-depth and all-encompassing care available. They provide extensive therapy, drug and alcohol-free living facilities, 24-hour supervision, and recreational activities.

Residential treatment centers provide different benefits versus outpatient programs, and for those who are suffering from serious addiction or mental health disorders, they are often the place to start treatment after detox or hospitalization.

Stepping Away from Triggers

No matter what substance a person uses, if the addiction is serious, a residential treatment center can provide appropriate care. Addiction is often a cycle – there are contributing environmental factors that trigger a person to continue using the substance to which they are addicted, in addition to the physical addiction.

Similarly come mental health issues need a higher level of care – one often provided by residential treatment. Often, patients experience co-occurring disorders, where the addiction and mental disorders are both present and must be treated simultaneously.

The best way to break that cycle is to step away from those triggers and learn how to deal with them so a person can properly face them in the future. Residential treatment centers offer this chance. By providing a comfortable and safe environment for recovery, residential treatment centers provide an escape from addictive behavior to give the patient a chance to live without relying on substances.


When the stresses in life cause a person to self-medicate or to seek refuge through drugs or alcohol, which develops into an addiction, residential treatment centers can offer them a chance to step away from an unhealthy environment and learn to handle them in a healthy manner.

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Florida is a popular destination for residential treatment centers for addiction and substance abuse, because of the serene settings and relaxing atmosphere that are available there.

Addiction is a problem that cannot be ignored. People should not be afraid to seek help, which is why Destination Hope offers residential style treatment with a welcoming, comfortable, and safe atmosphere.

The Bottom Line

Rehab is not a punishment; it is a treatment for a disease that can be held at bay with the right counseling programs, and support. A residential treatment center may not be the best course for everyone, but the first step is to contact a qualified admissions professional such as those at Destination Hope.

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse and addiction, give us a call today. Destination Hope can be the missing piece you need for recovery.

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