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Gender-Specific Treatment

Destination Hope appreciates the unique needs specific to the women and men who decide to take the necessary step and seek treatment for their substance use and mental health issues.  Creating a safe space to allow our clients to openly process gender-specific issues, as well as beginning the process of establishing sober supports, is the foundation of our gender-specific programming.

Our clinical team provides gender-specific groups that create the opportunity for clients at their most vulnerable to access support while working through the issues and struggles that brought them into treatment.  Providing our clients with a safe environment where they can develop the skills and resources to succeed often requires that we target the specific gender-specific issues that clients have had in their family systems, patterns of relating, belief systems, and maladaptive behaviors.

In order to truly heal clients must be able to address these core issues in an environment that can address, and celebrate, their individual needs. Gender-specific services are a component of all our core programs, and we believe that by providing these valuable opportunities to our clients we improve their success in creating better outcomes after treatment.


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