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How to Pick the Right Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

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Every drug and alcohol treatment center is not created equally, regardless of what you may have heard. Addiction is an incredibly personal and individual disease and your treatment plan should always reflect that for maximum effectiveness.

For example, the most expensive treatment facility is not necessarily the best equipped to help you in your recovery, nor is the least costly the worst. Below you’ll find our four recommended factors to consider when making the important decision of which drug and alcohol treatment center is right for you.

Criteria for a Quality Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Gender-Specific – Enough cannot be said to highlight the importance a legitimate gender-specific environment plays in the recovery process. A true gender-specific environment means gender-segregated living quarters, group therapy, recreational activities, eating quarters and so on.

Open and honest communication between counselor and client is an essential part of the program and that requires a comfort and trust level that is difficult to achieve in an environment with mixed genders. In addition, it’s much easier for important, long-lasting fraternal bonds to develop in group therapy when it is gender-specific.

Facility Size Destination Hope’s philosophy emphasizes individualized care catered around each client, which makes the size of a drug and alcohol treatment center a key component. Facilities with dozens and even hundreds of beds exist, making it difficult to provide the personal attention each individual needs and deserves. An intimate size can foster an environment for trust and open communication – two key elements of recovery.

Family Therapy – We wholeheartedly believe that in order to truly help an individual heal, you have to help the entire family unit heal. Every family has its own powerful dynamics that shape and influence how we behave.

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In order for recovery to be successful, every member of the family needs to actively participate, not only to learn how to be a strong support system for their loved one upon their return, but also to learn how some of their behavior may have impacted the substance abuse as well. A quality drug and alcohol treatment center counselor can navigate these sometimes rough waters and eventually lead the family to a much stronger place than they were beforehand.

Joint Commission Accredited – The Joint Commission of Health Care Organizations is able to issue accreditations for the highest quality of care in substance abuse treatment and service. Receiving accreditation from this organization implies that a rigorous, independent review of the facility has been conducted and passed with flying colors.

This review is ongoing, and the Joint Commission can perform surprise inspections at any time, making it essential for the facility to maintain these strict guidelines for patient care at all times.

Destination Hope is a Joint Commission accredited drug, alcohol and dual diagnosis treatment center in beautiful South Florida. Destination Hope combines the natural, serene beauty of Florida with a carefully formulated approach to substance abuse treatment, essentially providing the necessary level of care every client of ours needs, regardless of the required commitment.

Destination Hope provides a strict gender-specific environment for all clients to feel comfortable enough to be open and honest, has a maximum capacity of 18 beds, ensuring individual and specialized care is constant, and family therapy is always at the forefront. If there’s someone in your life who could benefit from a conversation with one of the caring counselors at Destination Hope, please urge them to contact us. We have all the tools you need to help you achieve your goal of long-term sobriety.

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