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Maria’s Family Program Testimonial

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A mother’s perspective on her daughter’s treatment

I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am that my daughter was in treatment at Destination Hope. The therapists, ESPECIALLY Anne W, were AMAZING!  At the time my daughter Lisa entered Destination Hope, she had been in at least 15 treatment facilities over an 18-month period.

The family program led by Amanda and held on Tuesday nights is a wonderful program, not just for the patients and alumni, but also for the family. Family members need to understand that while their loved one has the addiction, it is a family disease. It is so important that everyone receives education and treatment of this disease, and participates in the therapy and family programs offered by Destination Hope. Amanda does such an amazing job with the Tuesday night program. While I do not live in Florida, my family made it a point to participate in these important sessions to help my daughter Lisa with her rehabilitation. Anne, Amanda and all of the staff at Destination Hope are warm and caring individuals, with empathy, and compassion. They are also straight shooters, and sometimes tell you what you might not want to hear, but it’s the truth!

My daughter Lisa not only attended treatment at Destination Hope but also followed the suggestion of the therapists and continued her care through the IOP program and the Destination Hope transitional living house. She is an active alumni member and as her family, we remain in contact and continue to participate in any way we can. Lisa celebrated a year of sobriety on July 16, 2014, and there was no other place to celebrate this milestone but at the Tuesday night Family program!

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I hope that you never have to admit your loved one into a treatment facility, but if you do, I strongly encourage you to seek out Destination Hope.  I truly believe that Destination Hope helped save my daughter Lisa’s life!  They are truly amazing and my family is blessed that Lisa had the ability to receive treatment at Destination Hope!!

~ Maria G

New Hope, PA

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