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How widespread is Methamphetamine Abuse?

Methamphetamine abuse is all over the news, but how widespread is it? Amongst the most abused and dangerous drugs in America is methamphetamine. It’s known in many forms and by many names: meth, crystal, crank. But it’s all the same drug with the same detrimental consequences.

Understanding Methamphetamine Abuse

What is Methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulant that affects the central nervous system. It is a white, odorless, bitter-tasting powder that easily dissolves in water or alcohol. A derivative of amphetamine, methamphetamine causes increased activity, talkativeness and gives the user a sense of well-being.

Methamphetamine mostly comes from superlabs, however home brews are widespread and dangerous to not only the user, but those that are in the physical area.

History of Methamphetamine & Pop Culture:

Meth has been idealized and even romanticized in different breeds of popular culture. Most people can recognize the music that discusses the usage of the drug. Artists singing about the topic of addiction and abuse (in both positive and negative connotations) includes My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Hollywood Undead, and Rick Ross.

It’s history, surprisingly, includes official government sanctioning and usage in the military. While in conflict, it wasn’t uncommon for soldiers to be feed “Go Pills.” These were, of course amphetamines. Methamphetamine was one of the more common forms of the Go Pill available. Methamphetamine abuse in veterans is a considerable problem.

Prevalence of Methamphetamine Abuse:

It is estimated that roughly 12 million Americans or five percent of the population have tried meth at least once in their lives. Three percent of the population reported usage in the past year and .1% indicated that they had abused meth within the past month.

Methamphetamine is available in urban, suburban and rural areas. Unlike other drugs, patterns of usage do not indicate particularly high risk groups, it is clear that all genders, ages and populations are at risk.

The average abuser isn’t just some kid in college, although 19 is the age that most first try meth. In fact, the average age of an individual seeking help for addiction is 32 years old. It’s tough to break the habit; methamphetamine has a 91-93% addiction rate.

Where is Methamphetamine Abuse Occurring?

Methamphetamine abuse occurs across the country in both urban and rural areas. Rural areas have been hit particularly hard by home made methamphetamine, leading to new laws aimed reducing the availability of certain over the counter substances that can be broken down into chemicals to make meth. In many areas, combating methamphetamine abuse is one of the top law enforcement priorities.

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