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How to Get Help For Alcoholism and Abuse

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Alcoholism and abuse can be a huge problem for many individuals and their families. The abuse may occur only when the individual is intoxicated, or it may occur all the time.  Unfortunately, when an individual begins to suffer from alcohol abuse or alcoholism, he or she may engage in actions that have negative consequences, and may hurt loved ones and friends.

Understanding Alcoholism and Abuse

Alcohol consumption causes a wide variety of physiological changes in the body. When an individual consumes alcohol, he or she will experience a mild sense of euphoria and relaxation. As one drinks more, this euphoria can alternate with periods of depression, what some alcoholics refer to highs and lows. In addition, alcohol alters the state of our mind so we may feel more intense emotions, less inhibited and less like our normal selves.

If an individual consumes alcohol to excess on a regular basis, or simply to excess, their body begins to rely on that alcohol in order to function.  Dependency and increased tolerance are signs of alcoholism and alcohol abuse, as are behavior changes, a lack of responsibility at home or at work, and a withdrawal from loved ones and previously enjoyable activities. Alcoholism and abuse of one’s own body can be a warning sign that a person is experiencing other conditions such as depression or anxiety disorders.

In many cases, alcoholism and alcohol abuse can exacerbate negative behaviors in an individual. If person is prone to periods of extreme anger or violence, he or she may be even more aggressive when drinking. Unintentional injuries caused by a person suffering from alcoholism and abuse of one’s loved ones while intoxicated can cause the individual suffering from alcohol abuse to experience guilt or remorse when they are not intoxicated, making the cycle of alcoholism and abuse difficult to break.
Several research studies have shown that child abuse and domestic violence are related to alcohol abuse in more than 75 percent of cases.   In addition, alcohol abuse can increase the risk of rape and other negative behaviors. While not all alcoholics become violent or abusive, there is clearly a link between violent behavior and alcohol.

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Alcoholism is a disease that affects over 14 million people in the U.S.  Families and loved ones of individuals suffering from alcohol abuse can become unwitting victims of unintentional violence or verbal abuse.  It is important to recognize that you cannot stop the behavior alone.  Professional alcoholism treatment can help stop the cycle of alcoholism and abuse, for both the individual suffering from alcohol abuse and his or her loved ones.  If you or a woman you love is in need of help for alcoholism or alcohol abuse, please call us today.  We have a women’s program designed to treat the unique needs of women who suffer from substance abuse and mental health disorders. Destination Hope: The Women’s Program is a full service alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and women’s health treatment facility in Florida for women who suffer from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

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