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Drug Treatment Center

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Drug Treatment Center

The help of a drug treatment center, for many, can make all of the difference between recovery from their addiction and a life of substance abuse and the consequences that brings.

According to National Vitals Statistic Reports, 38,396 people died in the United States from drug related causes. Addiction is a disease, and like any disease, professional help is needed for treatment. One should seek the help of a drug treatment center for help with recovery in the same way one would seek the help of a doctor for treatment of diabetes.

Why Get Help From a Drug Treatment Center?

Because addiction is a complex problem that is nearly impossible to overcome by yourself and because your long-term success rate of recovery is substantially greater with professional help. It is important to remember that addiction is more than just a physical ailment. Yes, your body has a chemical dependency to the drugs or alcohol being abused, but the psychology behind the addiction is a crucial part of recovery.

Are there mental health problems that existed before the addiction that have led an addict to look to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism? More than 50% of people that abuse drugs also have an underlying mental health problem, though many are undiagnosed.

Have you experienced trauma or do you have family or relationship problems? If so, simply stopping the drugs will not stop the addiction, but working with an effective drug treatment center to address the psychological factors in a safe and supportive environment will arm recovering addicts with the coping skills and relapse prevention tools necessary for long-term recovery.

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Drug treatment centers have seen all kinds of addictions and treated clients with a variety of backgrounds. They have the experience to help you overcome your addiction.

Drug Treatment Center Counseling

Counseling is the most important part of rehab at a drug treatment center. When selecting a drug treatment center, you should ask what the client to counselor ratio is, and choose a program that is smaller, where you will get more individualized attention.

It is also best to receive treatment in a gender specific program. Drug treatment centers typically offer a combination of individual and group counseling. Some programs, like Destination Hope, also offer extensive family counseling.

Counseling gives clients the chance to explore all of the ways that drug abuse is affecting them and those around them. It also helps to identify possible causes and triggers, with a focus on overcoming these issues for long-term recovery.

Drug Treatment Center Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

As mentioned earlier in this blog post, more often than not there are other issues present that overlap with addiction. Dual-diagnosis treatment is important for a drug treatment center to offer because it offers treatment for both addiction and mental health issues, which can often contribute to the addiction and if left untreated is likely to lead to a relapse.

Common dual diagnoses include depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and eating disorders. By finding a drug treatment center that can treat the addiction as well as keep the mental health disorder under control, one is able further increase their chances of long-term recovery.

It is so important to get help when suffering from addiction. Choosing the right drug treatment center to help can make all of the difference. Recovery is not easy, but with the right plan, the most qualified doctors and therapists, and a good treatment program, it is possible.

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