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Drug Treatment Center For Women

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Drug treatment centers are an important part of battling addiction and yet many still do not seek the help they need. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, nearly 7 million women were found to need addiction treatment in 2007.

Of that 7 million, only 1.7 percent sought the treatment that they needed. What is it that might keep a woman who is suffering from addiction from seeking the help of a drug treatment center?

For many who know and understand that they have a problem, the issue may be a misunderstanding or lack of knowledge about what a drug treatment center does. They may be afraid to seek treatment or think they don’t need help and can quit on their own, but a drug treatment center is the best option for anyone suffering from addiction.

Drug Treatment Center: What To Look For

Addiction is often both psychological and physical. An effective drug treatment center will be equipped to treat both sides of addiction and the effects. A drug treatment center should offer various types of counseling, group support and medical treatment in order to help those suffering from addiction be able to overcome their problems.

While this may sound frightening and clinical, a drug treatment center can actually be a very warm and welcoming place. Florida is the most popular destination for women to seek the help of a drug treatment center because in addition to being able to choose the most inviting and effective program, women may experience the benefit of a tropical setting where they can relax and enjoy themselves while working hard to achieve their goal of sobriety.

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The group setting of most drug treatment centers gives a strong support system of peers in addition to the trained staff in the program. Group therapy and socializing time allow women living and working together for the same goal to form strong bonds and help each other through a rough time in their lives.

These relationships often last long after the time spent at the drug treatment center, and the help of that support and knowing someone is in it with you can make a huge difference in maintaining sobriety.

There are many different drug rehab centers out there and it is important to find one that is right for you. For women in particular, it has been found that a gender-specific drug rehab center will provide the most effective care.

Women do better in a setting where only women are receiving treatment, likely because they are more comfortable in sharing their feelings and situations and are overall more comfortable, making the counseling, especially group counseling, more effective.

Addiction is a difficult problem to deal with and while the decision to quit is a big step, it is not the end. No one has to go through recovery from addiction alone. Destination Hope: The Women’s Program is a drug treatment center specializing in dual diagnosis and addiction recovery for women. If you or someone you love is suffering from drug abuse or addiction, please call our counselors today and let us help.

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