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Drug Rehab Is Critical With Mandatory Welfare Drug Testing

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Affordable drug rehab is an important issue that has received extra attention as of late because of a law that recently passed in Florida and Missouri. Florida Governor, Rick Scott, signed a bill requiring all welfare applicants to personally pay for drug testing prior to receiving benefits.

If the applicant passes the drug test, he or she will be refunded the money for the test and is eligible to receive the welfare benefits. The governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, signed a bill into law that requires welfare recipients who are suspected of abusing drugs to have mandatory drug testing.

The new law authorizes the state to withhold federal welfare funds from those who test positive and would leave them ineligible for three years unless they seek substance abuse treatment. Currently, several other states are considering mandatory drug testing, including Kentucky, Illinois and West Virginia.

One of the main criticisms of this law is that with the already overwhelmed state programs, there is a lack of affordable drug rehab options for these people. Affordable drug rehab can be hard to come by, especially for those who are already using the welfare system to survive. The argument is that addiction is a disease and diseases require treatment, not punishment.

Some might say that if the government is going to mandate treatment to those receiving welfare, they should offer more rehab programs that accept Medicaid or are government-funded.

For those who suffer from substance abuse or addiction, it is important to seek treatment, but equally important that it be affordable treatment. Finding an affordable rehab facility is important because the last thing that a person wants to worry about when seeking treatment for their substance abuse is money and how they are going to afford the program. They need to be able to fully concentrate on treatment and recovery.

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Here is some guidance on how to find an affordable drug rehab:

Insurance for Drug Rehab
Insurance is the first route to explore for most people. Many insurance programs cover treatment for mental health and substance abuse-related issues. Insurance can make affordable drug rehab a much easier possibility, but it is also important to make sure that you understand what the insurance covers. Treatment, medication, housing and food are all categories that may affect how affordable drug rehab programs are, and some parts may not be 100% covered by insurance in all rehab programs.

Drug Rehab Without Insurance
Without insurance, there are still affordable drug rehab options. Many rehab programs offer affordable options and payment plans to ensure that everyone who needs help can get it. Again it is important, probably more so, for those without insurance to make sure that they understand what is covered and what isn’t in the pricing. There are also state-funded rehab programs available.

Destination Hope is Affordable Drug Rehab
Destination Hope offers affordable drug rehab programs and accepts most forms of private insurance. The admissions staff will work with clients and their families to help them find a program that is right for them, and offers payment plan options when needed.

They can help you find out what your insurance coverage is and will make sure there are no financial surprises when you arrive at treatment. While you cannot put a price on long-term recovery, they do their best to make rehab affordable for everyone. If you or someone you care about is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, please call and talk with their counselors.

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