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Prescription Drug Addiction

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Can Xanax Make Anxiety Worse?

Discover the unexpected effects of Xanax as we explore the question, “Can Xanax make anxiety worse?” Unravel the concept of paradoxical reactions to this medication and understand the potential causes behind increased anxiety.

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Serotonin Syndrome: 101

Serotonin is an important chemical naturally produced in the body that aids nerve cells, digestion, breathing, brain function, and much more. Serotonin syndrome occurs when,

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How Common Is Addiction?

We hear heartbreaking stories of addiction, overdose and relapse virtually every day. In most cases, these stories relate to celebrities or otherwise well-known people that

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Former Players Sue the NFL for Painkiller Abuse

Painkiller abuse is at the center of a major lawsuit involving the NFL. Former football players are suing the league with very serious implications that they were given painkillers illegally to mask pain symptoms from their sports-related injuries leading to subsequent addictions to them.

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Is Prescription Drug Abuse Ever Going to End?

Prescription drug abuse has become quite an unfortunate epidemic in past years and continues to grow. The reasons it has been able to reach such a level is due to the fact that there are so many people with proper prescriptions who actually have a need for the use of medications such as painkillers for their chronic conditions. Sometimes it may seem like the epidemic is going to rise continually without ever reaching an end.

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