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Drug and Alcohol Use

Deadly Drug and Alcohol Combinations

You may not think twice about having a drink while you’re taking prescription painkillers, or you might drink deliberately to achieve a better high when you take other drugs. This behavior is fairly common among people who struggle with substance abuse, but it's also quite dangerous. When you build up a tolerance to a substance, it's harder to achieve the usual effects—throwing another substance into the mix may seem like the natural solution. Mixing drugs can have serious physical consequences, and some health effects can be fatal. This article will cover a few of the more dangerous drug and alcohol…

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The Effects of Substance Abuse on Your Heart

It probably comes as no surprise that substance abuse is bad for your heart. But what may surprise you is the vast range of heart damage caused by abusing both legal and illicit drugs. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, cocaine abuse is associated with a large number of severe cardiovascular problems like arrhythmia and heart attack, while injecting heroin may lead to conditions like scarred and collapsed veins and bacterial infections of the heart valves and blood vessels. Risks of Heart Disease It's not just the "hard" drugs that can cause heart damage. The effects of cigarette…

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Meldonium Doping: Is It Really Harmful?

Recent news reports involving meldonium use have reignited the discussion about doping among professional athletes. Athletic competitors who are caught using prohibited performance-enhancing drugs face fines, suspension from competition and possible permanent banning from their chosen sports.

The vast majority of sports organizations consider such drug use unethical and contrary to the spirit of sportsmanship. More importantly, in many cases, performance-boosting drugs also involve significant health risks and complications for the athletes.

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U-47700 Drug Abuse Elicits Warnings about Fatal Effects

Recent news stories have brought to light a dangerous opioid pain medication, known as U-47700, that is being “recycled” and used as a party drug. Numerous reports indicate serious harmful side effects, resulting in respiratory depression and hospitalization in the intensive care unit.

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10 Sober Activities You Should Try This Summer

Drug rehab for women offers clients 10 sober activities for the summer of 2014. Let these ideas be a starting point for you to come up with your own!

Summer Tip 1: Begin a Yoga Practice.

Yoga is a great way to take care of your body and mind. You can get fit and strong while also benefiting from stress relief, centering and focusing your thoughts, meditating and learning how to be present in every moment. Summertime means the opportunity to participate in beautiful outdoor sessions of yoga at locations such as the beach and at parks.

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10 Resolutions to Ring in the New Year

Drug rehab encourages you to ring in the New Year with these 10 resolutions for sobriety!

Suggested Resolutions From Women’s Drug Rehab

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The NFL’s Substance And Alcohol Abuse Policy

Substance and alcohol abuse do not discriminate and people from all walks of life have an equal chance of being affected. It seems that even the elite of the National Football League (NFL), some of the most talented athletes in the world, are vulnerable to the influence of addiction.

Recent news of the Bears defensive tackle, Nate Collins, charged with marijuana possession, has been fined and will be suspended for one game per the NFL’s substance and alcohol abuse policy.

The Kansas City Chiefs,’ Tamba Hali, regarded as the team’s best pass rusher, has been suspended for the first game of the regular season due to a violation of the NFL’s drug-testing policy. The pressure to achieve is enormous, and many players use drugs and alcohol to cope.

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Inside Drug and Alcohol Rehab: Lessons from Mary Kennedy

Drug and alcohol rehab has helped many people overcome substance abuse and addiction.  For those that have graduated from rehab programs, the day they first went into rehab may be the most poignant turning point in their life.  Unfortunately, recovery is not a one-stop process, and others find that the challenges they face once they leave the safety of a drug and alcohol rehab facility are too great to bear.

Over the last few weeks, the tragic story of Mary Kennedy has been splashed across the front pages.  Her death, at the young age of 52, is a reminder of how difficult the struggles with mental health and substance abuse can be, and a warning for those struggling to get help.  It is clear that although Mary suffered throughout her life, she never found the help she needed, through a drug and alcohol rehab facility or through hospital care, to overcome her addiction and mental health disorders.

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Senior Citizen’s Need for Drug and Alcohol Rehab On Upward Climb

Drug and alcohol rehab facilities are not necessarily places that come to mind when you think of America’s senior citizens. However, according to a recent report released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), “the number of US adults age 50 or older needing substance abuse treatment is expected to double from 2.8 million to 5.7 million by the year 2020.” According to the Drug Abuse Warning Network, the most common types of drugs leading to adverse reactions in our senior citizens are prescription drugs used to treat chronic pain, anxiety and insomnia. In fact, these three types of drugs combined to almost 25 percent of these negative reactions.

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The Effects of Alcohol and Drug Abuse on the Brain

Alcohol and drug abuse can have an extremely devastating effect on the user. There are physical implications that can damage just about every organ in the body. There are mental and emotional implications that can cause you to develop serious psychological conditions.

Many people falsely believe that since alcohol is legal, it must be safer and less harmful to our fragile beings. That would be wonderful if it were true, but unfortunately for all those suffering from alcoholism around the world, it’s not. Alcohol is equally as detrimental to the mind and body as most illicit substances.

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