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Informational Session on Addiction With Dr. Charles Smith

December 22, 2021

Dr. Smith, addictionologist at Destination Hope, presents an informational session on the causes of addiction, who may be at risk, and what is needed to prevent relapse. Dr. Smith also shares his story of addiction and the common thoughts and behaviors of those seeking treatment for substance abuse.

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5 Myths About Addiction Treatment

December 8, 2021

An addiction counselor and patient in treatment break down the myths and truths of substance abuse rehab together at Destination Hope

The decision to take a step toward treatment for addiction is an important one in the right direction. However, there is a lot of stigma and false information spread about rehab and what the experience entails. The road to recovery is a series of ups and downs, but knowing you are in a direction toward a better self keeps you grounded in living the life you deserve. That being said, there are some myths to debunk and addiction treatment:

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5 Ways to Make Group Therapy More Useful

November 17, 2021

Group therapy is a type of psychotherapy that involves a facilitator conducting a therapy session with more than one patient. It creates an environment of empathy and common struggle that may make a person more likely to share their own experience. However, every session of group therapy is different, and a therapist must remain flexible in order to cultivate the most welcoming and constructive environment for their patients to share. Read more about how group therapy can be used to its greatest potential.

Group therapy has many benefits, if you use these five tips from the Destination Hope team

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Addiction Within the Veteran Community

November 3, 2021

November 11th marks Veteran’s Day in the United States. Veteran’s Day exists to honor those that have put their lives on the line to defend our freedoms. Many veterans have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice a great deal throughout their life and may have seen things that should never be seen by anyone. These experiences can lead to self-medication through drugs or alcohol to try to dull the pain that memories bring.

Veteran sits with a healthcare provider discussing recovery and treatment for mental health and substance abuse at Destination Hope

It is easy for veterans to feel alone even when others are around. It’s easy to believe no one understands their thoughts or what they went through. However, help is out there, and people care deeply about supporting veterans through addiction and mental health treatment.

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Residential Treatment Centers

October 27, 2021

Two people hold hands working together to overcome substance abuse through residential treatment programs at Destination Hope

Residential Treatment for Addiction & Mental Health

Residential treatment centers for substance abuse and mental health issues offer a chance for patients to fully immerse in their treatment and receive the most in-depth and all-encompassing care available. They provide extensive therapy, drug and alcohol-free living facilities, 24-hour supervision, and recreational activities.

Residential treatment centers provide different benefits versus outpatient programs, and for those who are suffering from serious addiction or mental health disorders, they are often the place to start treatment after detox or hospitalization.

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Susan Battah-Horn’s Story – From Devastation to Destination Hope

October 8, 2021

Smiling woman shares her recovery story including detox at Destination Hope in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The road toward recovery can be a dark and lonely place, and sometimes you can feel overwhelmed with bad news. It is important, now more than ever, to maintain hope. Hope can be found through storytelling or finding common experiences through listening and conversation with other individuals who have gone through similar struggles. Our own alumni, Susan Battah-Horn, has been eager and gracious enough to share her story of how her treatment at Destination Hope completely changed her life forever.

**Disclaimer: graphic wording included**

“I walked into detox on July 11th, 2019. It was my birthday – probably the saddest day of my life, and the best day of my life. I had Tricare insurance; the only thing left of my broken marriage. I was hopeless and I was extremely ill. My body was covered in ringworms and my feet had rotted off. I stepped on glass barefooted and it got infected, so by the time I got there I couldn’t even walk. I was pouring out pus from my feet and from my face – the ring worms were just too spread out. Pus was everywhere – not the gory kind, but definitely very visible. I didn’t have clothes on. I had stolen some homeless man’s oversized shirt and sports and I had no shoes. That’s how I walked into Destination Hope.

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A Day in The Life: Addiction Nurse

October 6, 2021

Addiction treatment nurse stands with care team of psychologist and physician and clinical team members at Destination Hope in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Many people may wonder what it is like to be working firsthand with patients at Destination Hope. What does a real day look like? No fluff, no censoring, no embellishment. Well, our own Director of Nursing at Destination Hope, Vanessa Cole, gave her description of an inside look of what a day in the life of an addiction nurse looks like.

Vanessa’s focus is to have a team invested in mental health, enjoying what they do, and having their heart in the right place. They are trained accordingly, with the goal of taking a holistic approach to care – with strong relationships with their patients. She wants her nurses to treat the patients like they would their own loved ones. Everyone on the nursing team has a strong passion for helping their patients be successful in their path toward addiction and mental health recovery.

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Q & A with Clinical Director Bridgette Fong, LMHC

September 15, 2021

Q: In your experience what is the key to developing a good clinical team?

A: The key to developing a good clinical team includes having a shared goal to always strive to provide quality care to our clients, the ability to be flexible in a team setting, having knowledgeable staff that are passionate about the field we work in and being able to develop trust. Our current clinical team exhibits all of those qualities as well as many others.

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What Is an Addiction Medicine Specialist?

August 18, 2021

Compassionate doctor who specializes as an Addiction Medicine Specialist works with client at Destination Hope to treat addiction and find recovery from substance abuse.

An addiction medicine specialist is to addiction what a cardiologist is to heart disease: the right expert for the respective condition. Unfortunately, the terms “expert” and “specialist” is often thrown around lightly in the addiction field and this often leads to substandard care and a bad reputation for the industry. While there are many comprehensive and competent treatment programs, there are also many that simply do not provide a sufficient level of care. Addiction medicine is fully recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties and addiction medicine specialists are fully trained and specialized physicians.

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The Treatment Process – From Identifying Addiction to Breakthrough

July 28, 2021

The treatment process for addiction is a long, winding road. The time it takes from admitting you have a problem to overcoming your obstacles differs from person to person depending on the intensity of the addiction and the willingness of that person to commit to bettering themselves – for their own sake and for that of those that love them.

Multidisciplinary team of addiction treatment professionals collaborate on a patient’s care at Destination Hope to treat substance abuse and cooccurring mental illnesses

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