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Alcohol Rehab Success: Five Mantras to Help You

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Alcohol rehab shows you how to deal with alcoholism in a multitude of ways. Some of these tactics may work for some and not others; remain open and flexible during your treatment and you improve your chances of finding what works for you. As part of your recovery, you may experiment with a mantra. If you haven’t, here are five mantras for you to try.

What is a Mantra?

Mantras originated in Hinduism but have made their way into popular culture. We usually define them as a word or phrase that is repeated over and over in order to achieve a certain desired outcome. Mantras can create a calming or meditative effect, helping you to get in touch with why you are in recovery in the first place. Any mantra can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Mantras for Alcohol Rehab

1. One day at a time

Yes, we’re all taking life one day at a time, but it can be easy to forget that. Repeat this mantra during alcohol rehab to put things in perspective. Looking too far into the future can be overwhelming and intimidating. Instead, focus on a successful daily recovery and take small steps to make that happen.

2. I will not use alcohol today, no matter what happens.

Put simply, this is the overall goal of alcohol rehab – to learn to deal with your internal struggles without using alcohol. When you feel a craving or are going through a stressful situation, block out the triggers and repeat this mantra. Maybe it will bring out the part of you that is determined to stay in recovery and get you through the day’s hurdle.

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3. You can do this.

If you say something often enough, you might just start to believe it. Affirming that you believe you can be successful through alcohol rehab is a step towards making it a reality. You can do it, and believing in yourself is an important stage in the treatment process.

4. Alcohol does not control me.

Re-assert your power over alcohol with this mantra. It can remind you to be strong in the face of temptation and confirms who is really in charge – you. Channel your energy into the mantra rather than negative thoughts about yourself or addiction.

5. I am moving forward right now.

Every sober moment is a victory and shows you are moving into the right direction. This mantra reflects your vision for your future both during and after alcohol rehab. Your goal is to move away from alcohol addiction and towards an alcohol-free, healthy future. That starts right now, in each moment.

If you or someone you love is suffering from the effects of alcohol abuse, substance addiction or any other type of addiction, please call us today.  Alcohol rehab can help you deal with physical, emotional and psychological consequences of drug and alcohol abuse.  A substance abuse treatment program is effective, safe and has helped many men reclaim their lives. Destination Hope is a full service drug, alcohol and dual diagnosis treatment facility in Florida for men suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues.

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