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Alcohol Abuse Facts: The One Thing You Should Know

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Alcohol abuse facts are important to be aware of as part of the fight against alcohol abuse and addiction. One of the most important alcohol abuse facts to be aware of is that abusing alcohol in any form is harmful to your health, your family and your relationships with others. Here are some of the ways that alcohol abuse can seriously have a negative impact on your life.

Alcohol Abuse Facts: Alcohol Abuse Destroys the Home

The statistics show all of the evidence of how alcohol abuse can destroy families and home life. Many domestic violence cases involve alcohol and/or other substances. Children are exposed to an intoxicated parent and develop unhealthy habits, emotional problems or other repercussions. Homes with alcohol abusers lack stability and hold unhealthy environments.

Alcohol Abuse Facts: Alcohol Abuse Destroys Relationships

Alcohol abuse can destroy relationships as stress is put on your loved ones for numerous reasons. Loved ones concerned with what you are doing to yourself and to your life may have a hard time having a normal relationship with you. Oftentimes trust is damaged as clients abusing alcohol act in ways they normally would not, due to the addiction influence. With alcohol taking the center focus in your life, it becomes difficult to maintain normal relationships with friends and family.

Alcohol Abuse Facts: Alcohol Abuse Damages the Body

Every system of the human body may suffer from the effects of alcohol abuse. Alcohol abusers can suffer from ailments of the skin, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, skeletal system and others. Abusers of alcohol can find themselves suffering from various health ailments and even easier breaks from falls, since alcohol abuse can cause brittle and weak bones. Many abusers of alcohol begin to look much older than they really are.

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Alcohol Abuse Facts: Alcohol Abuse Damages the Mind

Alcohol abuse affects mental functioning such as concentration, memory, reaction time and other key areas of cognition. You may find that you are forgetting things and that’s not just due to blackouts. Repeated alcohol abuse is hard on your body and your mind as well.

Alcohol Abuse Facts: Alcohol Abuse is Risky Business

Alcohol abuse can cause blackouts for alcohol abusers, during which people are susceptible to behave in all sorts of manners they normally would not. This is an unfortunate cause for many incidents of drunk driving, as intoxicated individuals are out of control yet they get behind the wheel. Many times people do not recall any or all of the events that occur during blackouts.

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