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Why Siblings Are Important in Addiction Recovery

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Addiction recovery is a very delicate and complicated process that takes an incredible amount of dedication and commitment from not only the addict, but the addict’s family as well. The role of the family as a whole is integral towards maintaining effective substance abuse treatment and long-term sobriety.

Why Siblings can Help During Addiction Recovery

In a way, it’s not just the addict that needs to recover but the entire family. The addict is a product of the family, individually and environmentally. We’re all products of the family we were raised in. If the family changes the way they communicate, behave and handle certain situations that have an impact on the addict, the addict may not respond in the same way they used to by abusing drugs or alcohol.

No family member can have quite the impact on an addict’s addiction recovery that a sibling can have. In terms of family, your siblings are essentially your peers and no feedback and similar experiences are held in higher regard. Growing up in the same family system as you, they understand your upbringing and the challenges you feel and face like no other.

They can offer insight like no one else can. Of course their experiences may be different, but in the grand scheme of family dynamics, their insight is invaluable.

When we have family therapy at Destination Hope, the most powerful moments in group are often the siblings. We see their resistance towards each other or their reconciliation towards each other. You have a friend, brother, sister, mentor right there in front of you and the impact is extremely emotional and powerful.

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The Role of Siblings After Treatment

The best things siblings can do for their loved ones to bolster their addiction recovery is to continue to provide support and feedback. Be the best role model you can possibly be with regard to living a sober, healthy life, and continue to be a great listener. What we try to teach our addict’s siblings during family therapy is the art of listening with no judgment. If they learn one thing from us and nothing else, that’s the ticket.

Only when the sibling learns to listen to the addict without judgment will the addict learn to trust them again. When they begin developing trust and building on their relationship is when their addiction recovery chances as well as them reconnecting with more of their family increases tremendously.

Addiction Recovery in Florida

Destination Hope is a full service addiction treatment center in Florida for men with substance abuse issues. Their family therapy programs are unparalleled and the impact these programs are able to have on the addict and family alike are profound. If there’s a man in your life who could benefit from the intimate, focused care at Destination Hope, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today. Our only priority is your sobriety.

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