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What is Drug Rehab for Women?

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Drug rehab for women is a gender specific drug treatment program designed to address the unique needs of women who suffer from substance abuse.  Gender specific programs offer different treatment options than co-ed programs.  Sure, the basics are the same- group and individual behavior therapy and perhaps medication, but women are psychologically and physically different than men and the motivation to use drugs and alcohol is different.  A gender specific drug rehab for women program may be more successful at helping a woman transition into sober living because it is more targeted to these unique motivators and influencers.

Did you know that drug use is different in women than men?  For example, women are more likely to have a spouse that supports their substance abuse.  Women are also more likely to be victims of sexual abuse or physical abuse, factors that often contribute to substance abuse.  Research has shown that while use patterns are different, the type of drugs most commonly used is the same.  Therapy leaders in drug rehab for women programs are experienced in identifying and treating the co-occurring conditions that are common in women with substance abuse problems, from eating disorders to the scars of abuse and trauma.

Drug addiction is a disease of the brain that is influenced by genetic, physical, and environmental factors.  The physical signs and symptoms of addiction in men and women are the same; however the genetic, physical and environmental factors that influence our decision to start using in the first place and lead to addiction, are very different for men and women.

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Drug Rehab for Women: Ask the Right Questions

When you’re looking for a specialized drug rehab program for women, it is important to ask the right questions.   Many facilities advertise gender specific programs, but you may find that group therapies are co-ed.  Finding a program with counselors experienced in handling substance abuse problems and addiction in women, that have a separate residence for women and completely gender focused programming will produce the best opportunity for sobriety.

Drug rehab for women often includes a strong family therapy element.  Many women in rehab have children, spouses and parents affected by the substance abuse, and repairing those family relationships during and after rehab is essential to long-term sobriety.

Drug rehab for women addresses the unique emotional and psychological symptoms and motivators for women and provides a safe, gender specific place for women to get the help they need. Women can overcome substance abuse and addiction and live a healthy and productive life.

If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction or substance abuse, getting help is the first step, so please call us today.  Our drug rehab for women program is uniquely designed to help women and their loved ones get back on track. Destination Hope: The Women’s Program is a full service alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and women’s health treatment facility in Florida for women who suffer from substance abuse and mental health issues.

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