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What is a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program?

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A drug and alcohol rehab program consists of treatment methods that work to get clients to the away from the perils and problems of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, and firmly on the path to recovery. A drug and alcohol rehab program works to help clients achieve healthier, more stable lives through such methods as psychotherapy, support group meetings, lifestyle counseling and more.

Do You Need a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program?

If you’re reading this, you may be wondering if a substance abuse and addiction program is for you. These are some of the most common potential signs of addiction to substances:

  • Hiding information about alcohol and/or drug use and abuse – quantity, frequency, usage, or circumstances surrounding usage
  • Stashing alcohol and/or drugs in unusual places in order to always have quick access to them
  • Missing work or foregoing obligations in order to drink or to use
  • Experiencing frequent blackouts and other such symptoms as a result of consumption
  • Being unable to decrease usage or frequency or to stop altogether

Treatment Methods of the Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

A drug and alcohol rehab program works using your personalized needs in order to get you on a recovery journeys equipped with tools you can use for life. The main treatment program method is psychotherapy, which comes in many forms like one-on-one therapy, group therapy, family therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Psychotherapy is a highly effective treatment method as it works to discover the underlying causes of each individual’s addiction in order to come up with the best defenses against it. It also helps to arm you with priceless tools for recovery as well as in other areas of your life (i.e. personal life, professional life).

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As a client of a drug and alcohol rehab program, you will likely regularly attend support group meetings. A support group meeting consists of clients sharing their personal stories of struggles with addiction in front of a room of their peers. This helps everyone to identify with one another and to assist one another in their struggles with addiction. Lifestyle counseling is also very important in order for clients to develop new, healthy ways to entertain themselves (to avoid the trigger of boredom) as well as to form goals to lead productive lives. Relapse prevention strategies are also formed, as well as techniques for stress management. Too much stress, along with boredom, can be a big trigger for drug and alcohol use.

If you or a woman you love is having problems with drug abuse, alcohol dependency and mental illness, women’s drug rehab may be the answer.  Remember that recovery from addiction and alcohol abuse treatment means learning how to cope with intensely emotional situations, and identifying when you need help and support.  Treatment for addiction relapse, counseling, and aftercare can help you do this, so please call us today.  Destination Hope is a full service addiction and women’s health treatment facility in Florida for women who suffer from substance abuse and behavioral health issues.

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