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The Effects of Drug Abuse on Your Kidneys

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The effects of drug abuse can be seen in every part of the body, the mind, and the spirit as well. For victims of substance abuse, the road to sobriety can be difficult, but understanding what is going on to their body when they use drugs and alcohol can help.

The Effects of Drug Abuse on Your Kidneys

While the use of drugs can have a serious impact on any part of the body, many users may not be aware of the severe damage that can occur to the kidneys. As drugs are absorbed by the body, they are cleaned by the kidneys. As these vital organs filter waste from the body, they are exposed to ill effects from drugs.

Many severe complications can develop from continued exposure to drugs and alcohol and the effects of drug abuse can be life threatening. It is important to remember that the kidneys do more than just excrete waste, they also produce hormones that affect the function of other organs.

The Effects of Drug Abuse

Lesions on the kidneys are one of the most common effects of drug abuse. Chronic disorders can result from drug abuse including kidney cancer, and complete renal failure in which the kidneys fail to function.

Prescription Drugs

Many prescription drugs can damage the kidneys as a side effect of normal use. Drug abuse only increases the risk of these side effects.


According to WebMD, Cocaine can cause sudden, overwhelming kidney failure through a process called rhabdomyolysis, whereby the muscle fibers of the kidneys breakdown and are released into the bloodstream.

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Heroin and other drugs can lead to kidney stress, where the kidney is no longer able to function properly.  This decreased function of the kidneys can lead to kidney disease and other long-term problems in the kidneys.

The Consequences of Damaged Kidneys

The effects of drug abuse on the kidneys can leave a person unable to excrete waste or regulate hormones.  Badly damaged kidneys lead to dialysis, whereby patients are hooked up to a dialysis machine in the hospital.

The machine then takes over the natural process of the body, filtering waste through the system. It is time consuming, depletes energy, and keeps a person from leading a normal life. In addition, dialysis cannot be performed indefinitely. Eventually, a kidney transplant is necessary. This is a costly and dangerous procedure. It may even be difficult to find a match.

Treatment for Addiction and Drug Abuse

If you or someone you love is suffering from alcohol or drug abuse, seeking help now can prevent further damage to the body. It may not be too late to reverse the damaging effects of drug abuse and have a chance at a normal, healthy endocrine system.

Please call us today for help in overcoming substance abuse and addiction.  Our counselors can help you deal with physical, emotional and psychological consequences of your drug abuse.

Drug abuse treatment is effective, safe and has helped many men reclaim their lives. Destination Hope is a full service drug, alcohol and dual diagnosis treatment facility in Florida for men suffering from substance abuse issues.

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