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The Effects of Drug Use on Oral Health

The physical effects of drug usage are commonly thought of as weight loss, thinning hair, or skin care problems. However, one of the most profound effects is dental. At Destination Hope, clients are often eager to get dental care after seeing the damage drugs have done to their teeth. Dr. Ari Socher of Renumi Mobile helps take care of those in recovery who are in dire need of dental care. Renumi Mobile is a mobile dentistry practice, which means people in recovery can get the dental care they need to not only feel good and look good. Q-How long have…

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Addiction Comes in Threes

Three wise men. Three stooges. Three ring circus. Many things come in threes and in the world of addiction, we see this time and time again. For example, it is not uncommon for a heroin addict to also have a food, gambling or sex addiction. Someone who is addicted to painkillers is likely to have sexual impulsivity or an addiction to money. Why does it come in threes? It has to do with symmetry, a spiritual component and the good vs. evil different parts of us. Depending on one’s drug of choice, it taps into a certain part of the…

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Starting a New Life After Treatment for Substance Abuse

Treatment for substance abuse can give you a fresh start in your life.  While starting a new life after treatment for substance abuse can seem intimidating, it does not have to be.

There are many ways that you can re-enter the world healthy, healed and ready to participate again after treatment for substance abuse. Starting a new life after drug rehab is exciting because it means that you have a chance to start over again and do the things you have always dreamed of doing.

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