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Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Your Sex Drive, Physically and Emotionally

With all the worries that come with addiction struggles, one commonly seems to come up in treatment sessions, and it can be challenging to discuss openly: the role of alcohol and drugs in sexual drive and performance.  Not only can it weigh on a patient’s mind, but it’s the foundation in understanding and accepting our behaviors and sexual responsibilities, in past and future. The question isn’t: Can I get drunk and still perform? Or Can I get high and still have an erection? While valid questions we will discuss, the correlation between addiction and sex goes deeper. The effects of…

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How to Tell if Someone Is on Cocaine

It’s crucially important to understand that identifying someone’s drug use is not always as apparent as it looks when dramatized in movies and on TV. But even when not apparent, many drugs manifest in their users similarly, and there are definite clues to determine if someone might be using them.

Bloodshot eyes are just one sign of cocaine abuse you can spot easily according to substance abuse treatment experts at Destination Hope in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Cocaine is one of those drugs. It is an alluring and addictive substance. It has even been portrayed as its own character in popular culture – personified as a temptress, gangster, powerbroker, and life of the party. But as we know, the way anything is portrayed for entertainment – especially drug use and its glorification – is never what it truly is. Behind the notorious rock-n-roll cocaine heyday and the white-powder-fueled endless social (and sexual) possibilities lies a false seductress promising a portal into a non-stop, amped-up party with seemingly no consequences but a twenty-four-inch waist and never-ending energy.

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How Drug Use Affects Oral Health

A smile is often your first impression when meeting new people, interviewing for a job, or even going on a date. For those whose smile has been affected by prolonged drug use, meeting new people or being asked to be in photos can be an uncomfortable situation. One of the first things those in recovery seek is a dentist who can help remedy their lack of oral health while in the throes of addiction.

We recently spoke with Dr. Ari Socher of Renumi Mobile, a mobile dentistry dedicated to helping clients in substance abuse rehabilitation treatment centers. Dr. Socher, who has worked in the dental field for nine years, spoke on his experiences in treating these individuals and how drugs damage a person’s physical health and appearance.

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The Effects of Drug Abuse on Memory and Concentration

Drug abuse is a serious factor in memory loss and a lack of concentration, which can affect aspects of your life you may not have considered. Drugs can make it hard for you to study, improve your skills at work, learn and retain new concepts, and even pay attention to what’s happening around you. When you think about the activities that require your full attention – like driving – this side effect is certainly one to think about.

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How Drug Abuse Affects Sexual Performance

Drug abuse can affect your sexual performance, even after years of abstaining from drugs. Understanding the potential consequences of drug abuse might be just the thing to encourage you to get treatment before your situation becomes severe. Ongoing drug abuse can result in difficulties with your sexual performance and your reproductive system, whether you are male or female. These difficulties can set in no matter how old you are, and in fact many problems are commonly reported among young adults.

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Effects of Drug Abuse on Your Circulatory System

Drug abuse has a detrimental effect on many of the body’s most important systems, including the circulatory system. It’s not just the heart that suffers, but your blood vessels and even your blood itself. We need the circulatory system because it refreshes our blood supply, replacing waste with oxygen and nutrients from food. When our circulatory system suffers, so does our overall health.

Drug Abuse and Your Circulatory System

No matter what type of drug someone abuses, they put their circulatory system at risk. These effects can be short or long-term, sudden or gradual. Drug abuse from injected drugs carries its own set of concerns, due to the method of use. The risk of these effects increases with continued use, but some symptoms, such as heart attacks, can even happen to a first-time user.

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Effects of Drug Abuse on Your Joints

Drug abuse can come in many forms, but one common factor is that it harms your health. The effects of drug abuse can be severe and long lasting, depending on the duration of the addiction. We’re going to focus on the way that drug abuse affects the joints of your body, those points of movement where two or more bones meet. Without functioning joints, we would be stiff and unable to move. Drug abuse can interfere with our joints’ ability to perform.

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Effects of Drug Abuse on the Skin

Drug abuse can show on your body, especially if you have had an addiction for many years. It doesn’t take long for the skin to reflect an addiction, and the results can be dramatic. Someone with a drug addiction may appear older than they are, because drug abuse can sap your body of essential nutrients and prevent you from taking care of your health and hygiene. Drug Abuse and Your Skin Color The more you use drugs, the more it shows up on your skin. Hyperpigmentation may start to occur where the skin darkens at various points, most noticeably at…

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Ten Statements That Deny Your Drug Abuse and Addiction Problem

Drug abuse and addiction problems can be devastating to an individual and a family.  Unfortunately, many people don’t recognize they have a problem with substance abuse until they’ve hit the bottom or run into trouble with the law or loved ones.  So, when do you know that drug abuse and addiction are taking over your life? If you find yourself saying or believing one of the following statements, it may be time to seek treatment.

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The Effects of Drug Abuse on Your Teeth

Drug abuse begins impacting your body after just a short period of time.   While each drug has a different impact on the body, including the teeth, there are two types of drugs in particular that cause quick and significant damage to your mouth and teeth.

The use of two highly addictive substances, cocaine and methamphetamine, can lead to the type of drug abuse side effects that dentists often identify and subsequently refer to as meth-mouth or cocaine teeth/canines. Abusing either of these two substances can turn an otherwise healthy mouth into a cavity of disastrous proportions.

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