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Five Strategies for Avoiding Binge Drinking During the Holidays

Is binge drinking part of your holiday tradition?  It can be hard to spend the holidays sober after years of binge drinking, but remember that your recovery and your hard work are worth it! The holidays are supposed to be a pleasant time of year, but for many people they can be entirely too stressful, and rightfully so. Alcoholics in recovery especially can struggle during this season with binge drinking and relapse. For most Americans, alcohol is a part of the holidays. It is set out at parties and family gatherings, advertised on TV, made to look desirable in movies,…

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Binge Drinking: The Most Serious Problem on College Campuses Today

Binge drinking has an alarming impact on those enrolled in colleges across America. Most of us send our kids to college hoping to expand their minds, educations and most importantly, better prepare them for a future in this ever-changing world. It’s probably safe to say that parents in the United States are not sending their kids to college so they can increase their alcohol intake and abuse, and yet that’s precisely what’s happening. According to the “College Alcohol Study” performed by the Harvard School of Public Health which surveyed 119 different colleges nationwide, 44 percent of students enrolled in four-year colleges consume alcohol at the binge level or greater.

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