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Top 5 Signs of Alcohol Abuse

It was 3 a.m. and I heard my front door slam shut. My sister came home from a long night of partying and I knew something didn't feel right. Everyone in my shoes has experienced that feeling. It's the feeling in your gut when your intuition is telling you something isn't right. I knew my sister Jessica was having her fun with her college friends because after all, that's what twenty-somethings do, right? But when she started sleeping in longer than usual, missing classes, and drinking every night, that was when my parents and I had to intervene. I noticed…

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Recognizing Alcoholism Symptoms for a Clean & Sober New Year

Recognizing alcoholism symptoms may be the first step in helping you or someone you love recover from alcohol abuse problems.  Many women want to start the New Year off clean and sober and turn over a new leaf for 2013. New Year’s resolutions often revolve around improving our quality of life, especially through health and wellness. If you think that the New Year is the right time for you to live a happier, healthier life, now is a great time to enter treatment. Here are some symptoms and warning signs that may indicate that you or someone you love has…

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