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3 Reasons Alumni Programs are Key to Relapse Prevention

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Alumni programs are an important part of relapse prevention because they help connect the recovery community and help people live healthy, sober lives after rehab.  Alumni programming like events, newsletters, family days, and group therapy can help a person maintain sobriety, even in the face of real-life challenges.  Alumni programs are designed for people who have successfully graduated from drug and alcohol rehabilitation and are actively rebuilding their lives.

Why Participate in Alumni Programs?

1. Drug and alcohol treatment is a lengthy process and doesn’t stop when you graduate from rehab.  Let’s face it, relapse prevention is an all-day, everyday challenge.  Obstacles and temptations will get in your way and you’ll have to learn to cope with each challenge as it comes up.  Although you may be strong enough to do it alone, there is no reason not to use our resources and alumni support to help you.  Even years after rehab, many people find it helpful to attend group therapy sessions, even if only to remind themselves how far they have come or to serve as inspiration for others.

2. You are never alone.  Relapse prevention requires a constant focus on your health and recovery. People in recovery may need to rebuild and create new relationships with friends, family and loved ones, find new healthy social outlets or rebuild healthy self-esteem. Our alumni programs help former addicts connect with others in recovery, share their experiences, and support each other. Recovery isn’t easy, but having strong connections to a supportive community helps! Alumni programming like special family-intensive weekend programs or group picnics will not only help you socialize in a sober environment, but can help you make new sober friends. Remember, sobriety doesn’t mean being alone!

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3. It’s fun!  Activities through our alumni programs are fun and safe.  We have parties, go out together and even have potluck dinners. Relapse prevention doesn’t mean being anti-social! It is easy to be involved and the people in our community are supportive and open to new members. Our alumni committee works with our staff to determine activities and a schedule of events, so you get to have a say in what happens!

Participating in alumni programs after graduation can give a person a structured and supervised way of learning new and positive social skills and stay on the path to recovery. Continued access to therapists and counselors can be of great value for a person who is building a clean and sober life, as well as for her family and friends. Alumni programs are often a genuine lifeline for people who have made the steps toward eliminating drugs and alcohol from their lives, but now need the support and encouragement with relapse prevention.

Success with Relapse Prevention

Many people relapse during the course of recovery, so do not despair if you’ve stumbled. It is never too late to seek treatment and to get back on the healthy, sober path. Please call us today to inquire about our aftercare, relapse prevention or alumni programs. Destination Hope is a full-service drug and alcohol addiction and health treatment facility in Florida for people who suffer from substance abuse and behavioral health issues.

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