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Prescription Drug Rehab Becoming More Necessary

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The need for prescription drug rehab has increased dramatically over the past few years as prescription drug abuse becomes more predominant.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), women are 55 percent more likely than men to be prescribed a drug, which makes them more susceptible to abuse and addiction. To combat the rise in prescription drug addiction, some treatment centers have started to offer prescription drug rehab and the best programs have gender-specific (male or women only) programs available.

How do people become addicted?

All drugs have side effects, and many times one of those side effects can be addiction. Even when taken with the best intentions, many prescription medications can become addictive. This is especially true for painkillers, as some lead to low-dose physical dependence after as little as one week’s time.

So, it is possible to become addicted to prescription medications when taking them exactly as prescribed by a doctor. Others take prescription drugs without a prescription, either trying to self-medicate or with the intention of abuse to get high. No matter what the origins of the addiction are, it is important for anyone suffering from addiction to seek help from a treatment center, such as Destination Hope, that offers a prescription drug rehab program.

Types of Abused Medications.

The majority of abused medications fall into one of three categories.

Opioids/ Pain killers Opioids/Painkillers are prescribed to relieve extreme pain whether from surgery or a serious injury that has led to chronic pain. They are the most commonly abused prescription medications. Morphine, OxyContin, Roxicet, Percocet, Codeine and Vicodin are common examples. The National Household Survey on Drug Abuse estimates that 9 percent of people in the U.S. have illegally used painkillers.

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CNS Depressants – Depressants are prescription medications that may be used to treat anxiety, sleep disorders, or muscle spasms. Valium, Xanax and Librium are common examples of depressants. Depressants slow the heart and are especially dangerous when taken in combination with alcohol because it is another depressant. The combined effects of the two can lead to cardiac arrest.

Stimulants – Stimulants are medications that are often prescribed to treat ADHD or narcolepsy. Popular examples include Adderall and Ritalin. They are often called uppers because of their effects. Because they affect blood pressure and heart rate, prescription stimulants can lead to heart attacks when abused.

Most prescription drugs have the potential to be dangerous. They should be taken only with a prescription from a doctor and even then with extreme care. Doctors’ orders should be followed carefully and if there is any concern about the possibility of becoming addicted it should be addressed with the doctor immediately.

For those who do find themselves having issues with addiction, prescription drug rehab programs such as those at Destination Hope offer effective treatment that can treat the addiction and help a person get their lives back on track.

Prescription drug rehab programs can change and save lives. Through counseling and medical care, the right prescription drug rehab programs will teach those addicted how to get beyond their reliance on drugs so that they can live more fulfilling lives, and avoid the pitfalls that come with drug addiction.

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