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Party Planning Tips for an Alcohol-free Environment

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You may not realize how often parties revolve around alcohol until you become sober. Whether hosting a birthday party, 4th of July bash, or one of many holiday parties that fall between November and December, it can seem challenging to host an alcohol-free party.

But being sober doesn’t have to be boring. Below are some tips on throwing a successful, sober party in style.

Decadent Food

Plan and create a menu that will leave your guests speechless. No matter if it’s something you have catered or cooked all by yourself, have such great food that your guests don’t even miss the alcohol. You could also entertain and feed your guests by hosting a cooking party, such as a pizza-making party. Potlucks are also a great way to let your guests be creative – be sure that guests are aware none of the dishes should contain any alcohol.

Create a Fun Environment

Think back to some of your favorite childhood parties and what they all had in common. Most involved some form of entertainment – from bounce houses to games to face painting. While hiring a clown may not be suitable for an adults-only party, you can still enjoy board games like Scrabble or Cranium. You may even want to host a competition party and give out small trophies to the winning players. Lawn games, such as giant Jenga, Bocce ball, horseshoes, and cornhole, are a great way to head outdoors if you’re hosting a daytime party.

Specialty Drinks

Although mocktails are fun, for some, they could trigger the reminder of alcohol. Instead of offering mocktails, choose specialty drinks. Some great options are flavored lemonades, sparkling and fruity iced teas, and alcohol-free punch. If the weather has cooled down, give guests a specialty coffee bar with coffee from different regions, warm milk, flavored syrups, spices, and homemade whipped cream. You could also opt for a hot chocolate bar with candy canes for stirring, shaved chocolate, and homemade marshmallows.

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Let the Music Play

Put some time into crafting the perfect party playlist. Having an enjoyable playlist will help your guests be more comfortable and sociable. For many, a good song can bring back great memories, quickly becoming a conversation starter.

Depending on the guest list, you will want to ensure everyone knows it is an alcohol-free party. Invite supportive people and those who will not put your recovery at risk, and have a good time.

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