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Pamela’s Sober Story

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My name is Pamela. I am a white, educated, 50-year-old widow, mother of 4, and also a grandmother. The reason I am telling you all this is because disease does not care how old you are, what color you are, what gender you are or what age you are.  There is no ‘typical’ drug addict – it can happen to anyone, so there is no shame in seeking treatment, at any age.

I am so glad I have received the gift of sobriety, especially at my age. If I didn’t get help this time I am sure I would have died. At Destination Hope, I received the tools and skills needed to cope with life, on life’s terms, not my terms, and ultimately maintain long-term recovery and wellness.

Here, they not only address the client’s addictions but the concerns of the family as well. Through the many hours of therapy that were given to me, whether one on one or a group setting, I was able to get to the root of my real addiction. I thought my addiction was alcohol or drugs (because of all the pain I was suffering from the senseless murder of my husband). But really, I have always struggled with one addiction or another as far back as I can remember. Whether it was drugs, alcohol or simply food… I always had to have more!

My true addiction is really MORE!!!

My life was really very sad before I got treatment here at Destination Hope. Day after day it was the same thing. I would wake up with a drink in my hand and go to bed the same way.  I was always depressed, angry and scared. At the end, I had to drink just to maintain so I wouldn’t get sick all the time. Finally, when I had enough, I made the decision to get the help that I needed. I will never regret that decision. They really saved my life and helped to heal all the damaged family relationships that I had. I think the reason it is so different here is that everyone who had a part in my recovery process truly had a real compassion about what I was going through and most of them are in recovery themselves.

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They can never fully understand what they have done for my family and me.  If I can say anything at all about my experience here, it was nothing short of a miracle. Thank you for saving my life, Destination Hope.

– Pam F.

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