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October – National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

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Beginning in 2011, October became National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. This is a month dedicated to raising awareness about substance abuse and a call to action for prevention. Substance abuse has effects on both an individual level as well as a community level – giving us plenty of reason to stay informed and do our part to guide people toward help and provide support and prevention.

How Can You Participate?

For a lot of people, substance abuse is a topic that hits close to home. Whether it is you or someone you know or love, most people have experienced the ramifications of substance abuse. The main thing people need when they are going through the depths of substance abuse is support. This comes through conversation, guidance, and listening.

Stay Informed. The first step to being an ally to those who are struggling with addiction and substance abuse is to make the personal decision to be independently knowledgeable about the topic. There are endless resources that you can utilize to learn about substance abuse and recovery. If you stay informed you are better equipped to help yourself or your loved ones.

Listen. A lot of times people who are struggling with substance abuse feel unheard and misunderstood. Addiction is a very complex issue, and every case is unique. If someone you love approaches you to talk about their condition, listen with an open mind. They are confiding in you and trust you – this could be their first step toward recovery.

Provide Support. A strong support system is essential for a person that is going through their recovery journey. This is not an easy road, and it comes with celebrations as well as setbacks – the key is to not lose hope and encourage them to keep going and be the best version of themselves. Being a part of a support system means refraining from judgement and respecting boundaries.

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The Bottom Line

Substance abuse is a very real condition and we all can do our part to promote a healthy progression toward recovery. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, reach out to us today. Destination Hope is a dual-diagnosis treatment center that is committed to providing essential care and treatment for each of our patients.

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