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Kathryn’s Sober Story

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My name is Kathryn. I am 24 years old, and I am a recovering alcoholic.  Today I am recovering, and I am a functioning member of society thanks to Destination Hope.

Before I came to DH, I was very lost and felt alone.  I wandered into dangerous situations to capture the instant gratification that I was searching for.  I was an empty shell, putting on a different mask, according to whom I was around.  My therapists and the girls around me helped me discover who I really am, under the mask.  We all came together to support one another, relate to their stories, and release old hurts.

My therapist, Juanita, always stopped me when I fell back to old habits such as manipulation, lying, and self-pity. I had not noticed I was doing that a lot.  Her attentiveness, love and passion for this program glows through her, and inspires me to continue in the path I am in.  She is so much more than a therapist; she’s a role model to women in this program.  The case manager Suzie, (which at other treatment centers I went to, I never once met the case manager) would sit down with every girl, every night, and dive into conversation.  She became a valued friend, not just an employee of DH.  I sat with her so many nights and just talked about anything and everything.  When I told her what kind of job I wanted, she instantly dove into helping me, and I was working at the job I am now 6 days later!

After gaining a little self-respect, through work and dedication to my program, I began to feel better and more confident.  I saw myself through a new light, and I became inspired to be the woman I was created to be in God’s eyes.  I work a full-time job at a company I love.  I was accepted to attend Broward College, and accepted for a grant for school.  Many doors have opened since I became obedient and dedicated to my program, and continue to still.

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I will always be grateful to Destination Hope for their support and pure passion for their clients.  I was beginning to lose faith in treatment centers, feeling as though they didn’t care, nor understand me. God’s will brought me to DH, and saved my life and for that, I am forever grateful. 🙂

-XOXOXO Kathryn S.

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