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Joseph’s Sober Story

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Hi, my name is Joseph. My journey oftentimes feels like a long one. As I look back at the past few years of my life, it becomes clear to me that I was much harder on myself than I had to be. It is also very clear that the suffering I experienced was a direct result of my dependence on drugs and alcohol.  Throughout my teen years, drugs and alcohol became a safe haven for me. They brought me to a place of artificial peace, or relief. If drugs and alcohol had not done so much for me, they could have never done so much to me. I also realized any and all joy I experienced during these times, correlated with my periods of sobriety.

I have spent several years of my life dissecting this relationship I developed with a substance. This relationship is absolutely destructive, not only to myself, but to everyone in my life; especially those who love me the most. There came a point for me when I had to stop trying to figure everything out.

I am so thankful for my religious upbringing; it was the stem of my relationship with God, who ultimately has begun to relieve me of the obsession to use drugs and alcohol. Despite what my “disease” would like me to think, I have a choice. A choice I only have because of my effort to practice abstinence.  I believe surrender to be the pinnacle of my will. I must allow God to do for me what I cannot do for myself. I have never experienced a greater adventure.

I am indebted to Destination Hope for providing me with a safe environment to heal. I attended their in-patient men’s program for 30 days, and then continued treatment through their transitional living facility and IOP program. The level of care I experienced there was second to none. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the wisdom and experience offered me through hours of therapy with well-educated, committed and compassionate counseling and clinical staff. Through these family meetings, I began some intense, but rewarding work with my family; work that I continue to pursue each day. I cannot stress enough the importance of this work. It brought about a level of honesty and integrity necessary for our recovery. Let’s not kid ourselves; our families are suffering just as much, if not more than the addict himself.

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The friendships and foundation I built while at Destination Hope hold me up each day. Especially on the days I cannot stand on my own. I recommend this facility to any and all who seek treatment for drugs and alcohol. Destination Hope is a big part of my story, and for this I am grateful.

– Joseph M.

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