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Inside Drug and Alcohol Rehab: Lessons from Mary Kennedy

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Drug and alcohol rehab has helped many people overcome substance abuse and addiction.  For those that have graduated from rehab programs, the day they first went into rehab may be the most poignant turning point in their life.  Unfortunately, recovery is not a one-stop process, and others find that the challenges they face once they leave the safety of a drug and alcohol rehab facility are too great to bear.

Over the last few weeks, the tragic story of Mary Kennedy has been splashed across the front pages.  Her death, at the young age of 52, is a reminder of how difficult the struggles with mental health and substance abuse can be, and a warning for those struggling to get help.  It is clear that although Mary suffered throughout her life, she never found the help she needed, through a drug and alcohol rehab facility or through hospital care, to overcome her addiction and mental health disorders.

Addiction and alcoholism are serious diseases that require treatment, the same way cancer or a broken arm require treatment.  Substance abuse is not an uncommon way for many women to deal with stress, even when they know it is not the healthiest option.  Drug and alcohol rehab centers call this phenomenon a defense mechanism.  Defense mechanisms can be healthy, such as eating right to defend against weight gain or disease, or unhealthy, as is the case with substance abuse.

Celebrities and famous people who deal with substance abuse suffer the same as the average person.  It is easy to dismiss substance abuse or alcoholism in celebrities, or an extremely wealthy person entering alcohol rehab as not serious when splashed across the pages of a magazine, for it may be hard for us to relate.  The fact is that addiction and alcoholism do not differentiate between celebrities and normal people – the signs and symptoms, the struggles and obstacles are all the same.  Money does not buy recovery and sobriety.

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If there are lessons we can take from Mary’s story they are:

  • No one who suffers from substance abuse or mental illness is alone; there are thousands of others in every race, shape and ethnic group also suffering.
  • Drug and alcohol rehab can help and can prevent a tragedy.  Individuals should seek help, continuously if necessary, to find their path to recovery. It is never too late to start the recovery process.
  • Substance abuse coupled with mental illness can be extremely serious and dangerous.  Do not be ashamed to admit you suffer from a disease – addiction and cancer both require treatment.

If you or someone you love needs a helping hand to overcome drug abuse or addiction, please call us today.  We have a women’s drug and alcohol rehab program designed to treat the unique needs of women during recovery.  Destination Hope is a full-service alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and women’s health treatment facility in Florida for women who suffer from substance abuse and mental health disorders.

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