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How Does Alcohol Addiction Start?

Alcohol addiction begins in different ways for different clients. While the beginnings and causes of alcohol addiction differ, there is one commonality for everyone: it does not take much time for the body to become physically addicted to alcohol.

The Many Causes of Alcohol Addiction

There are many different causes for alcohol addiction as the reasons vary from client to client. Some causes are due to environmental factors, genetics or even due to accompanying mental health disorders. Many times emotional sources are the cause for clients, such as stress, social pressure or anxiety. Alcohol addiction often develops out of an attempt to self-medicate against these challenges.

The numerous reasons for alcohol addiction are a testament to the success and efficacy of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is so useful as a treatment method because it uncovers these causes on personal levels, giving valuable insights and tools for recovery to clients. Psychotherapy may occur in several forms, including one-on-one sessions, family therapy, group therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

When Social Drinking Becomes Alcohol Addiction

Social drinking turns into alcohol addiction at the point where alcohol begins to have a negative impact on your life. This point of negative impact varies greatly among clients, as do the reasons or causes for alcohol addiction. For example, the negative impact may begin when binge drinking causes missed time at work or when those regular happy hour sessions after work start going from one beer to increasingly more with each visit.

Whatever the causes and whoever the client, there is one constant fact: the body’s physical addiction to alcohol begins quickly. This is why consumers of alcohol must take great care to carefully monitor how much they drink and to be sure to drink responsibly each time they consume alcohol. In very little time tolerances increase and a craving for the body to have more alcohol begins to develop.

While certainly not everyone will develop an alcohol addiction in their lifetimes, it is something that happens to many different people for many different reasons. Alcohol addiction can happen to anyone, no matter what your age, gender, or social status. It’s easy to think “It can never happen to me,” but the truth is that it can.

There is no cure for alcohol addiction, but it can be managed. Alcohol treatment can get you into a life of recovery but recovery is a journey, not a destination. If you are abusing alcohol, remember that alcohol treatment centers can also be of great use to you as well.

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