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How Addiction Counseling Can Help You

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Addiction counseling is a necessary part of any drug or alcohol rehabilitation program. Therapy plays such an integral role in the treatment process that the vast majority of addicts experience a relapse within their first year if they don’t go through some form of treatment.

While coming to terms with the fact that you have a substance abuse problem is recognized as the first step towards recovery, addiction counseling and rehabilitation programs are often credited as what keeps you sober.

Why Addiction Counseling is So Important

Getting sober for a short period of time is not groundbreaking. An addict will often obtain sobriety by accident when there are no substances available for them to abuse. That said, maintaining that sobriety when surrounded by drugs and alcohol is an entirely different ball game. People begin abusing drugs and alcohol for a variety reasons. For example, a teen boy may start smoking marijuana after school to try and fit in with what his friends are doing.

A young girl who is desperate to be skinny may experiment with cocaine after she hears stories of how it can speed up your metabolism and act as an appetite suppressant. A housewife who’s struggled with depression for most of her life may turn to alcohol to try and numb her symptoms. There is not just one reason that people start abusing drugs and alcohol, which is why addiction counseling is so essential.

Addiction counseling is intended to help the addict uncover the underlying issues of what made them start abusing substances in the first place. They may have a co-occurring mental disorder like depression or an anxiety disorder they’re completely unaware of that could be spurring their abuse and consequent addiction. They may have been a victim of violence and have been abusing drugs to suppress the traumatic experience. And some people were just chasing a high that quickly took control over their lives.

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Addiction counseling traditionally employs cognitive behavioral therapy to help the addict explore and understand the reasons behind their abuse, because experts agree that simply getting clean is not enough to prevent relapse. The addicted individual must comprehend what led them to this place so they can be more aware of these same pitfalls in the future.

Their therapist also introduces new ways of thinking, teaches coping skills and when necessary aversion techniques to modify their thoughts and behaviors about drugs and alcohol. Addiction counseling is a highly specialized field with substantial impact on your recovery so it must be mentioned that serious thought should go into selecting a treatment facility.

Destination Hope: The Women’s Program is a full service drug, alcohol and dual diagnosis treatment center for women in beautiful South Florida. Our addiction counselors are some of the most experienced in the business and will stop at nothing to ensure you have all the support you need when striving for your goal of a substance-free life.

Destination Hope implements individual, group and family counseling sessions to accomplish this. If you or a loved one is in need of caring, proven addiction counseling, look no further than Destination Hope. Let us empower you to accomplish your dreams like we’ve empowered hundreds before you. Call us today!

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