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Former Players Sue the NFL for Painkiller Abuse

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Painkiller abuse is at the center of a major lawsuit involving the NFL. Former football players are suing the league with very serious implications that they were given painkillers illegally to mask pain symptoms from their sports-related injuries leading to subsequent addictions to them.

The NFL’s Alleged Drug Culture

According to the eight former NFL players who have created the lawsuit, they have all suffered tremendously mentally, physically and financially over the years due to severe drug addictions they developed as a result of the unethical painkiller abuse in the league. As players they say they were handed pills for their injuries and told which are for pain and which are for sleeping and so forth but they were not given the medications under proper medical supervision. They were never given information regarding the side effects or about the potential for harm when mixed with alcohol or even information regarding how very addictive and dangerous these substances can be.

The consequences were extreme with one player leaving the NFL with a full on drug addiction and turning to street drugs to make up for the pills he could no longer access from NFL trainers and other staff. He was even homeless for a significant period of time. Another player developed a painkiller abuse habit of over 100 pills a month. After the announcement of this lawsuit, over 500 retired NFL players have joined the allegations hinting at a widespread and frightening scandal in the football league. The players claim they were given the drugs so freely and were encouraged to take them so they wouldn’t waste time and thus profits of the NFL while resting and utilizing proper methods for healing their sports injuries.

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The Dangers of Painkiller Abuse

This lawsuit and the stories of these retired NFL players are a testament to just how dangerous painkiller abuse can be. When painkillers are not used properly, they can be very damaging to the body and mind and the potential for developing an addiction is high. Many people develop addictions to painkillers due to a lack of information. Clients often assume that because the pills are available legally with a prescription, they must be safer than street drugs. Many clients also assumed that painkiller abuse would not have serious consequences.

The truth is while painkillers can assist people who are suffering from serious pain from injuries or chronic pain conditions, these are very powerful drugs. They must be used only as prescribed and for the shortest length of time as possible. If you believe you may be addicted to painkillers, there is hope. You can reach out to a drug abuse and addiction treatment center to begin the process of turning your life around. You can enjoy a healthier, more stable life in recovery. You can take back control.

Destination Hope is a dual diagnosis drug and alcohol treatment center in South Florida that is experienced with treating painkiller and prescription addictions. If you or someone you care about is suffering and needs help, please call our addiction specialists.

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