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Drug Rehab in Florida Discusses Myths about Prescription Drug Addiction

Drug rehab in Florida shares and dispels the popular myths surrounding prescription drug addiction. Be aware of the real prescription drug addiction facts to get a true understanding of how prescription drugs affect the body and mind, how they become addictive, what the warning signs of prescription drug addiction are and more.

Myth #1: Everyone Who Takes Prescription Drugs Will Become Addicted

Some prescription drugs are more likely to be addictive than others (such as painkillers); this does not mean that everyone who takes them will become addicted. Drug rehab in Florida explains that the factors that determine if a client will develop a prescription drug addiction are similar to the factors for becoming addicted to an illegal substance. These factors include having a tendency towards addiction, family history of addiction, having serious problems throughout the period of using the prescription drugs, using drugs to fill a void, et al. Even people who take prescription drugs properly and with the correct intentions can become addicted, but again, this does not mean that everyone will.

Myth #2: Prescription Drugs Should Be Avoided Altogether

Prescription drugs can really be useful in helping clients to feel better – including painkillers. The point is just that people prescribed prescription drugs need to be made aware of how they can become addictive and to treat the pills accordingly. Drug rehab in Florida says that one good method is to only take them as directed and nothing extra – no matter what.

Myth #3: Prescription Painkillers Have the Ability to Cure Pain

Painkillers cannot cure pain. What these pills do is they are able to hide the symptoms of pain to make the pain more bearable. So although it may feel as though your pain has gone away, it has been masked.

Myth #4: Taking More Painkillers Means Having Less Pain

More does not mean more in the case of prescription painkillers. This means that taking more pills than directed will not help you take away more pain; it can actually be a fast track to addiction.

Drug Rehab in Florida: Signs You May Have an Addiction to Prescription Drugs

  • You are taking prescription drugs that have not been prescribed to you.
  • You are taking more prescription drugs than prescribed.
  • You take more pills for other reasons such as when you are not in a good mood.
  • You cannot control how much you are taking.
  • Your prescription pills have become the center focus of your life.
  • Knowing the drugs are having a negative effect on you and continuing to take them anyway.
  • Building a tolerance to the drugs.
  • Continuing to take the drugs to stave off withdrawal symptoms.

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