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Destination Hope Coronavirus Update

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With the continuing spread of Coronavirus / COVID-19, we understand the concerns you have about your loved one and their treatment. We also recognize the important need for continued addiction and mental health treatment. Delaying treatment for any reason can result in catastrophic circumstances.

As such, Destination Hope remains open, both admitting and treating clients as before. However, we are taking important precautionary steps to ensure the safety of our clients, employees and anyone involved in the operations of our treatment center and care of those in our facility. We want to assure all of our clients and their families that Destination Hope has always and continues to practice the very highest in infection control during admission and throughout the treatment process.

Enhanced client care and safety protocol

  • All staff have been trained in infection control procedures. We have reinforced this training and modified protocols to address the Coronavirus outbreak
  • We have enhanced screening of both clients and employees to ensure that any symptoms are identified and treated early. Newly admitted clients will be screened based on established protocol from Florida Department of Health and CDC
  • We currently do not believe that there will be significant disruptions to food or personal care supplies despite what is being reported. We are well-stocked and are constantly monitoring supply levels
  • We have canceled or rescheduled community activities that pose a risk of transmission
  • Clients have been advised to follow CDC best practices to reduce the risk of disease transmission including social distancing, washing hands thoroughly and often and reporting any symptoms at the earliest manifestation
  • The cleaning protocol at all of our facilities has been enhanced and modified to reduce the possibility of Coronavirus transmission
  • When possible, we will have employees working remotely and conduct external meetings including family and alumni via teleconference
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Destination Hope is committed to staying ahead of this outbreak, implement important infectious disease mitigation quickly and effectively. There is still a great deal we do not know about this virus, however we do know that its spread can be minimized by implementing common sense policies that follow best practices outlined by the Florida Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control. We will continue to update clients and families as the Coronavirus situation unfolds.

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