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Destination Hope Admissions Spotlight – Alicia Jordan, Admissions Counselor

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As an admissions counselor at Destination Hope, I am able to connect with individuals in a very vulnerable moment and offer support and encouragement to help them to feel at ease as they enter treatment. It can be a very emotional and anxiety-provoking process from the time they initially reached out to admit, through their journey (whether from near or far), to finally walking through the doors of DH and into our admission suite.

My colleagues and I recognize the importance of connecting with our clients from the initial meeting, validating where they are in their process and letting them know we are proud of the decision they have made and will be here to support them throughout their treatment.

The Initial Assessment

In our initial admission assessment, I will discuss what brings you into treatment, along with exploring details of any treatment history along with highlighting critical personal details and your current motivation and any supports for treatment. I am willing to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have regarding our services and levels of programming to promote your understanding and advocate as needed.

My Philosophy of Care

As a trained clinician with my Masters in Mental Health Counseling and over a decade of experience in residential and social service settings, I pride myself on using a person-centered trauma-informed approach with an emphasis on creating therapeutic alliances with clients. It is my belief that the ability to establish rapport is fundamental to engagement and motivation in the process.

Additionally, providing compassionate listening skills with the ability to offer therapeutic insight and begin to process the range of emotions they are experiencing as a result of the events that have led them into our care. I truly empathize with this initial anxiety and recognize the value of my role in helping to increase their comfort to help them to settle into the process.

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Together, we will establish your initial treatment goals and meet your therapist who will further individualize your goal plan. I will introduce you to other DH staff and help to familiarize you with our facility and programming. No matter how you came through our doors, it is my priority to ensure you know that you have entered a safe and supportive environment.

Change happens here!

Alicia Jordan, MSEd, RMHCI

Admissions Counselor
Destination Hope
8301 West McNab Rd
Tamarac, FL 33321
954-507-6053 ext 757

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