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Court-Ordered Treatment May Be the Only Way to Recovery For Some

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Court-ordered treatment may be the only way to help someone to stop using and start recovery.  The court-ordered treatment theory is that a substance abuser may lack the internal motivation necessary to stop using drugs.  If a judge orders the treatment, it is an outside motivator to move toward behavior change.  If the substance abuser can get the help he/she needs, the thought is that the drug-related activity will decrease or even cease to exist.  One of the main goals of court-ordered treatment is to get people to remain drug-free and reduce drug crimes.

By some estimates, as many as 60% of people attending drug rehab programs have legal problems as a result of their drug and alcohol use.

Successful Court Ordered Drug Rehab for Women and Men

There are different ways to view being forced into rehab.  Some fight it with everything they have just because they didn’t choose it.  Others learn to embrace the opportunity early on.  Court-ordered treatment may be the answer they have been waiting for.  These people realize that full participation is crucial to get the most of the treatment program.  There are different types of drug rehab for women and men.

In many cases, the judge allows the individual to make their own choice about what treatment program they will attend.  That said, the program must be on an approved list of facilities.  One major decision to be made is whether to enter an inpatient residential-style treatment program or an outpatient one.   Given the option, many choose residential-style treatment because of the round-the-clock care and top amenities at the location. Some, however, will opt for outpatient drug rehab so that they can be near friends and family at the end of the day when treatment is complete.  And because the court does not pay for the treatment, each individual needs to find affordable care that works with their financial situation.  Many treatment facilities will work with an individual to match insurance benefits as well as self-pay to provide affordable care.

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State by State

Although the drug treatment centers and laws can vary from state to state and even district to district, more judges are realizing that there is a greater chance of a person becoming an active and productive member of society again by going to a successful rehab program than if they send the person to jail.  Because states also take into consideration how family and friends can help loved ones suffering from drug addiction, it is important to know your state’s laws. Information regarding these laws can be found through the state’s Department of Health and Human Services or Substance Abuse Agency.

For example, in Florida, The Marchman Act stipulates that if an individual has a substance abuse problem and deemed a threat to oneself then they can be court ordered to complete a drug addiction treatment program or an alcohol rehab. The court ordered treatment act allows the friends or family of a substance abuser to confidentially petition the court to obtain confidential court ordered assessment, stabilization and long term treatment.

Like the Marchman Act in Florida, Kendra’s Law was initially proposed in 1999 in New York.  Kendra’s Law allows the courts to order those with serious mental illness and with multiple past arrests to accept treatment as a condition of not going to prison.  Before the law, individuals had to prove that they were dangerous.  Many thought it made more sense to prevent such dangerous behavior rather than require it.

Destination Hope is a full-service alcohol abuse, drug addiction and dual diagnosis treatment facility that has years of experience working with the court system. We offer specialized treatment programs for women that are court ordered to treatment. To learn more about our programs, please call us today. Court ordered treatment can be a blessing for many in need and may be the opportunity you or someone you love is looking for.

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