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Relapse Prevention

husband with alcoholism
Destination Hope Team

Helping a Loved One with Alcoholism

Discover effective strategies to support someone struggling with alcoholism in this comprehensive blog. Learn about communication, emotional support, treatment options, boundaries, and self-care.

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Relapse Prevention Strategies That Work

Relapse prevention strategies that are truly effective have been created with honesty and specific details and are carried out with dedication and a realistic approach. Relapse prevention strategies help clients fight against addiction throughout their recovery processes with clear methods in mind. Your strategy should be specific to you and your lifestyle.

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How to Find a Sponsor

The sponsor sponsee relationship is one of the cornerstones of the 12 step program. Simply put, a sponsor is someone who has been where you currently are and has progressed further in their recovery. They are there to watch and learn from while you go through your 12 step program. They are there to listen to your experiences without judgment and offer their support as only someone who has been in your shoes before can. Their purpose is not to give advice or tell you what to do, rather tell you what they’ve done as they worked the program themselves.

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