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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

5 Common Dual Diagnosis Combinations

A dual diagnosis is when a client is diagnosed with an addiction along with at least one mental health disorder. For example, a client could be diagnosed with alcoholism and depression. Here is an examination of the five most common dual diagnosis combinations as well as treatment options.

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How Can I Help Deal With My Dual Diagnosis?

Coping with dual diagnosis may seem challenging, but there are things you can do to improve your chances for recovery. Dual diagnosis occurs when a person is dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol along with a mental health problem. Common combinations are addiction and anxiety, addiction and depression, addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but there is no limit to the combinations that people experience.

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5 Meditation Techniques to Improve Dual Diagnosis Recovery

Is dual diagnosis recovery harder than recovery from just substance abuse? People who struggle with dual diagnosis struggle with substance abuse and mental health problems. They may feel that their challenges are harder, more significant or that their battle is harder won. The truth is that battle against addiction is challenging. There is no scale to rate how challenging recovery is, each of us struggles with our own recovery and our own individual challenges. There are many techniques and tools for helping us along the path to dual diagnosis recovery, including group therapy and meetings. Many people find that the hardest time for them is when they are alone or feel as though they cannot reach out for support. During those times, meditation techniques can be helpful for reducing stress and focus on finding the inner strength to maintain a sober lifestyle.

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