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Case Study: 23-Year-Old Overcomes Reluctance & Ambivalence to Achieve Sobriety

Many hands come together in celebration to show how relationships with parents and support systems can be rebuilt after recovery

The client in this case study was a 23-year-old male presenting at the PHP, IOP, and OP level of care to address problems such as Paranoid schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and Cannabis use disorder. Upon his arrival, the client was highly guarded, combative, reluctant, and ambivalent about any change. This was due to his mental health as he displayed symptoms of paranoia and delusions consistently, which would cause him to have outbursts and demand to leave treatment several times a day. The client has also suffered several concussions from playing soccer, at which point he began abusing marijuana. He has been forcefully hospitalized several times, and, on most occasions, it was due to him using marijuana and being unable to control his mental health.

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