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Addiction Research

How the Complex Nature of the Brain Affects Addiction

The brain is unique in the human body for many reasons. It controls all of the important functions of our body and mind including the function of many organs, physical movement of our arms and legs, how we think and speech and memory. Its complexity continues to mystify and confound scientists and physicians. However, what is known is that the health of the brain affects the proper functioning of the human body and damage to the brain can be quite devastating. – See more at:

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How Addiction Develops

Abusing drugs or alcohol does not always result in an addiction. In some cases, individuals experiment with a substance and then walk away from the drug. Other individuals show signs of chemical dependency and addiction quickly after using a drug once or twice. In some cases, a loved one even develops an addiction to prescription medications after using the substance for legitimate medical reasons.

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Personality Traits in Addiction

Florida drug rehab discusses the associated personality traits of clients of addiction. These personality traits frequently become apparent among substance-addicted individuals.

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Substance Abuse and Unemployment: Beyond Statistics

Substance abuse and unemployment have long been associated with each other, but how accurate is this connection? The National Survey on Drug Use and Health from 2012 found that 17 percent of unemployed people had a substance abuse disorder, compared to 9 percent of full-time workers. What do these statistics tell us and what can we do?

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The Role of Genetics in Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction and an individual’s propensity towards addiction has several contributing factors. One of the most controversial of them has been genetics. Is there an addiction gene? Can the disease of addiction be passed down genetically from one generation to the next? Can it skip a generation like other diseases? If you do have the so called addiction gene, is that pretty much a life sentence that you are going to develop a chemical dependency at some point in your life? These are all normal questions that we’re asked fairly regularly and it’s completely understandable. Drug and alcohol addiction is a terrible disease that seems to always leave us with tons of questions, and not always very many answers. Because this is an issue with a lot of interest and misinformation surrounding it, we wanted to take the time to shed some light on it.

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How Addictive Behavior Leads to Pathological Lying

When you have an addictive behavior that is illegal or generally frowned upon by society like alcoholism, lying and deceit can become second nature. Addicted individuals don’t just lie to their loved ones; they also perpetually lie to themselves. Lying is actually such a common component of addictive behavior that many experts accept it as part of the addiction process as a whole. As a friend or a loved one of an addict, there are a number of considerations to be mindful of with regard to the pathological lying.

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